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3 Easy Steps of our work process

Andolasoft is one of your trusted partner for all your web and mobile app development needs and we will
help you to increase your revenue with your great ideas. We have simple work process to develop and deliver successfully

Plan and Roadmap
Plan and Roadmap

We will go through your idea and gather all information like project specification and technology stack and come up with an action plan. We will share a complete roadmap of your project with timeline.

Design and Development
Design and Development

Once we will complete the project scoping and roadmap, we will move to design the look and feel of your website or application and the development also. We will keep you updated in each step of your development.

Testing and Delivery
Testing and Delivery

In this final stage, we will check all the details with a senior developer and tester to make your application bug free and userfriendly, and then we will deliver you the best output as per your requirements.

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We help start-ups to transform their innovative ideas into business.


We work with small and medium business from business consulting to business automation through IT.


We analyze your business requirements and help with the best enterprise solutions for sustainable growth.

Why Andolasoft B2B Partnership Service

High Quality Coding Standards
High Quality Coding Standards

Our Developers follow strict guidelines for maintaining coding standards ensuring clean and secure.

In-time Delivery within Budget
In-time Delivery within Budget

Our Dedicated Developer make sure to complete your project in-time and within the budget. We encourage using Project collaboration tool like orangescrum.com to our customers to stay on track with the progress.

Transparency in Billing
Transparency in Billing

Our development process is managed through right tools, bells and whistles, ensure you to get regular updates, clarification requests if any and get your inputs as & when required.

Cost Effective Pricing
Cost Effective Pricing

Since our dedicated developers are in India, we are able to deliver with best turn-around time for our US customers, satisfy you for the value for your money.

Experience with Diverse Verticals
Experience with Diverse Verticals

While celebrating our 13th Anniversary, our best developers bring value of their huge experience of wide range of verticals/domains.

One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop

Our long list of Development Services makes sure that each of your services are effectively taken care of by our dedicated developers.


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Became a B2B Trusted Partner

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We provide the awesome support to our B2B customers. We are on a mission to become the most trusted B2B partner in web and mobile application development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B (business-to-business), a type of electronic commerce (e-commerce), is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers (B2C). A B2B transaction is conducted between two companies, such as wholesalers and online retailers.

  1. B2B relationships are personal.
  2. The B2B buying process involves a lot of decision-makers, and the buying cycle is long and complex.
  3. Buyers have complex procurement processes.
  4. Buyers need many ways to pay.
  5. Data for multiple channels may be siloed.
  6. Shipping B2B has its own set of requirements and constraints.
  7. B2B buyers need to find more complex products just as easily.

  1. Scalability
  2. Improved efficiency & productivity.
  3. Increased sales, sales engagement and customers.
  4. Improved brand awareness.
  5. Analytics capability.
  6. Customer-centric experience.
  7. Exceptional customer service.
  8. Multi-site capability.

B2B is a type of business model where the exchange of goods and services takes place between two or more businesses. The consumer usually isn't involved in these types of models and comes into play only at a later stage.

A B2B, or business-to-business, organization generally focuses on selling its products and services to other businesses instead of consumers. Many B2B companies sell products that help other businesses perform certain functions or operate more efficiently.

  1. B2B eCommerce Platform
  2. Real-Time Integration With Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  3. Omnichannel Personalization
  4. Improved brand awareness.
  5. Third-Party Logistics Integration
  6. eCommerce Syndication
  7. Dealer Locator or Dealer Portal
  8. Sales Reps Dashboard