Mobile Application Development

This is the age of cell phones, smart phones and PDAs. And Mobile application is what keeps these gadgets interesting for the users. Mobile app development is fast becoming the favourite of the e-business arena.

Here at Andolasoft, we provide you an on-deck as well as off deck mobile application service. Our device intelligent and cross-carrier environment helps to host, deliver and bill many mobile applications.

Our experts take care of everything, from mobile app development services to successful deployment. Also, we focus on the mobility and flexibility. This helps the ends users to access any service they choose, at any given point of time from anywhere.

The user-interactive GPS applications mapping feature, has an advantage. It minimizes the chances of you getting lost, hence saving a bucket load of time. The integrated GPS based technology helps you locate your workforce, get their live status, scan barcodes to facilitate the documentations. Also, there are many other functions it provides, that helps you run your business smoothly.

Ours is a third party mobile application service provider for Google Android, Apple iPhone and Blackberry. But most of our applications are QTA based, that means you need to follow the supplied QTA links. These links help you to download the applications to your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Andolasoft is also a custom mobile app development company among other things. And it has a highly trained and skilled team of SDK programmers, for iPhone gadgets. This third party mobile application helps you extend your enterprise applications to iPhone, do social networking, develop game and customize native iPhone Apps. Also, this feature is out of the box and pretty innovative, which makes its future promising.

What do we offer? We offer fully compatible mobile service package for the next gen cell phones. Our applications and their versions are up to date and highly compatible. The advanced mobile apps work like magic on Android OS. And it will make users fall in love with its features which includes- Mail services, copy/pasting ability, text messaging, instant messaging, social networking and many more.