The Retail company produces unique and popular clothing apparels via Social Commerce and they were looking for a Data Warehouse Reports with minimal cost without using the DWH reporting tools as it is expensive. So that the business hierarchies had to be in sync with all brands.


Andolasoft implemented in MYSQL 5.1 and incorporated data from one principal source such as, Daily Sales/Order Info and able to provide well-formatted .xls & .csv files reports tailor made for the top management. It reduce the budgeting and planning cycle costs and able to do time-based reporting data for different perspectives

Andolasoft is an invaluable partner for us a startup. The team is great to work with and the projects are delivered in a timely fashion. I know that I can rely on Andolasoft for future projects because of the depth of resources/skills that they offer.

Adler Camacho



Founded during 2011 in the US, our Client company produces unique & popular everyday clothing apparels via Social Commerce; even catering to Stylists & Hostesses.

However, when it comes to Strategic & Tactical decision making the management team depends on Data Warehouse Reports.

Implementation of Data Warehousing for a Retail Organization

We at Andolasoft have years of expertise in building revenue, budgeting & forecasting data warehouses to take care of the needs of each brand, time, zone & category; Minimizing both IT support & the expertise required.

In today’s market, the DWH reporting tools are expensive & beyond affordable for the medium scale businesses. To cut down on cost, we provide well-formatted .xls & .csv files reports tailor made for the top management.

The business hierarchies had to be in synch with all brands.

A single application could reduce technical support but impact planning flexibility thereby reducing the performance and reliability.

Individual multiple applications could provide the flexibility required by individual brands but were increasing the development time, cost and continuous tech support.

As per the need, a combined corporate view of actual, budgets and forecast scenarios were to be taken care of.

Reporting Requirements based on every brand, zone, categories and time.

The source file had to be collected from the third party vendor.

The report had to be sent through mail & put into the drop-box.

Excel sheet report was to be prepared using ‘n’ number of sheets with separate dynamic report headers.

The Data Warehouse solution was implemented in MYSQL 5.1 & incorporated data from one principal source such as, Daily Sales/Order Info.

We knew that, MYSQL 5.1 provides extreme performance for large data warehouses and improves data warehouse performance, availability & manageability by partitioning large tables.

Pentaho (Kettle) was used as an Extract, Transfer & Load (ETL) tool for loading data into the data warehouse from different data sources such as Flat files(csv, xls, txt) & OLTP databases.

The data in the warehouse was then processed for reporting and analysis purposes. A data can be captured in many ways like stylist, item, store, zone, accounting year, quarter, brand & its concept.

Reports With the use of Pentaho, Excel & CSV Add-ons, the following Reports could be generated.

For a specific stylist aggregation, i.e. zone, company, concept, brand, even for the sequence of a day, week, quarter or a year

For a specific time to get information about the booked item

To know the revenue income of the organisation & compare current Month-to-Date (MTD) & Quarter-to-Date (QTD) to the last ones

Overall Benefits

Data Warehouse created for analysis, pattern search and reporting

Integrated budgeting & planning processes in a centralized Web-based app

Reduced budgeting & planning cycle costs, by combining specific departments & business unit plans with organization objectives

Availability of time-based Reporting data for different perspectives

Reports in both email & drop-box account

Minimize your IT Costs by opting
for Data Warehousing

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