How To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Cost?

How To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Cost

The best web and mobile app development are more than a concept for every tech entrepreneur to pitch for. It is something that makes everything easy for customers but often comes with a high price tag.

According to industry experts, it is worth spending on quality mobile app development as the return will be too much.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten! Leon M. Cautillo

But this is how customers react to development companies who prefer to ignore quality to bring down the costs of their web or mobile app.

If you are not ready to lose the quality of mobile or web app development, it is still possible to reduce app development prices. Let’s find out how to bring down the cost of business app development without falling in quality.


Why Does Quality Always Matter?

Quality is never replaceable. It is the only factor, helping products to become popular and grow in market share. To manage Android or iOS app development within the customer’s budget is the main concern for professional developers out there.

But is it possible anyhow?

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It takes a lot of planning, skill, time, focus, and work hours to develop a fully functional web or mobile application.When customers ask to decrease the app development cost, most of the development companies have no option but to cut corners.

Quality is the most common among other factors to get ignored in this process. But this approach can backfire unexpectedly.

Despite the clear demand for app development cost reduction, there are some proven tips which if followed throughout the development process, can make it happen quite easily for developers.

Let’s take a look at the options you have to reduce web or mobile app development costs in real life.

Reduction in Web and Mobile App Development Costs – Tips to Consider

The development cost of an app is due to many factors that are interconnected to each other and it is difficult to miss any of them. To be true, this cost can be reduced with some effective strategies in use.

Mind you, it is a no joke!!

Don’t you all get convinced?

Some important factors are normally forgotten by mobile app developers. But considering them all from the early stage of development can save developers a lot on their app development costs.

It’s time to learn about all of them one-by-one…

1. Plan carefully and effectively

As you all know failing to plan is equal to planning to fail, app development planning is very crucial. It is the top consideration is to prevent random functionalities and features getting added to the app over time, creating a mess that only wastes time and money.

From deep research on the competitors and targeted users to know about their likes and preferences in features, everything needs to be done before the app development starts.

It will help to make the app unique and profitable in the market too. Once the research part is over, you need to plan on what’s and how’s to reach the development goal.

The more effectively you plan a mobile app development plan, the better it will be to lower trial-and-error costs.

The planning of app development will allow you to focus on quality and budget while avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Also, less time will be invested in the development process.

2. Make Interactive App Prototypes

An interactive prototype is like a quick visualization of a finished app. It has great importance in web and mobile app development when it comes to meeting the user as well as the client’s expectations.

Mobile app developers should think of building interactive prototypes as they give a fair idea of the look and feel, navigation, UI/UX design, and more so that neither customers nor users feel disappointed later.

The prototype serves as a blueprint for the customer and the developer to know if they see the same end product! It is easy to review the prototype and suggest any corrections or modifications by the customer, saving both time and money.

The cost of building an interactive prototype is relatively low in comparison to the cost of correcting or modifying the finished app as per customer’s demand later.

By then, a great deal of our resources and time is already spent on the app development process.

With tools like Figma, Atomic, Adobe XD, it has been easier to build real-looking app prototypes. So, think of making a prototype before developing an app!

3. Launch a Basic Version of the App (MVP)

The idea of launching an MVP (a basic version of your app) helps you get the actual market response in real-time without spending hugely on its complicated secondary features.

And, it is possible adding advanced features in regular updates, after launching your MVP app. Since MVP is based on an agile development methodology, it can evolve with necessity or demand!

The decision to launch an MVP can be crucial in saving both the time and cost of app development in its initial stage.

Moreover, it ensures testing the product in the real market setting, so that you can be sure about the release of upgraded versions in the future.

MVP is not just a quality checking technique but also saves significant costs while improving quality after a live test every time. It also guards against poor user response to the developed app.

4. Use the Option of Cross-Platform Development

Developing cross-platform apps can turn out to be cost-saving too. Instead of targeting your users across multiple platforms separately, you can still use the option of cross-platform app development to reduce the development cost.

The best practice to reduce the cost of developing an app while launching it for both Android and iOS is to go for cross-platform development. It takes the proper use of technical knowledge and expertise to build cross-platform apps.

Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Unity3D, Xamarin, and many more popular cross-platform development tools are available to make the job easier for any professional app developer.

5. Outsource the Project

There are more qualified app developers who can be helpful in keeping the mobile app development cost under check. If your company does not have the right resources to handle app development, it’s better to outsource the project to any such developer outside your company.

Outsourcing has cost advantages along with others. It’s too normal for your app development company to face the challenge of not having specialized in-house developers for any upcoming project.

And you can’t even think of wasting time and money training your developers when projects need to be completed fast.

I’ve worked with the team at Andolasoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.

Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas


Outsourcing can make up the skill your developers lack and help achieve what you can’t afford to lose. This enables you to find a technical partner who has both the skill and expertise to develop the web/mobile app on your behalf.

Both off-shore development and outsourcing are cost-effective means widely used in the area of app development.


Cost of Quality (COQ) is the cost of not making the right product. Every time the product is modified or corrected the cost of quality rises. So, by avoiding doing things wrong, you can genuinely increase the chance of developing the right app at reduced cost and yet not losing quality.

All the above considerations will help you keep app development costs under control.

Do you need a professional web or mobile app development company for cost-effective app development solutions? Call or chat with our expert consultants now!

How To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Cost
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How To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Cost
Here are the top cost reducing tips for developing you web and mobile application without compromising its quality.
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