10 Best Platforms For Building a Mobile App in 2021

10 Best Platforms For Building a Mobile App in 2021

Mobile applications are the need of the hour. Any business that wants to connect to its customers frequently uses a mobile application.

Mobile app create a reputation for the brand and also increase customer retention and satisfaction. Any customer who feels like he is considered as a part of the brand will be a loyal customer.

And a loyal customer is what all businesses need.

Mobile applications produce a greater impact on the business rather than any website. Companies want to attract more and more customers, and for this purpose, they dive into developing mobile apps for users.

Mobile applications eradicate all problems and work as a targeted mechanism to solve a problem.

Mobile app with better UI and UX that solve a complex problem for a user have always succeeded. But the problem nowadays is how to produce the right application.

Even if you possess a great idea, but due to some reasons it does not execute as expected, you can lose a lot of money and the trust of your users.

Building and releasing a mobile application is considered a tough hard task, but it too can be simplified using mobile app development platforms.


What is a Mobile Application Development Platform?

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development platforms are a bunch of software bound together in such a way that they facilitate enterprises to rapidly develop and ship mobile app as well as all other types of applications.

Application development platforms ease the complex tasks of coding by providing built-in features that can be dragged and dropped easily to develop applications.

Since we now understand what an application development platform is, let us also look at its benefits and know why they are so popular in the industry.

Benefits of Using Application Development Platforms

1. Amount of Assets:

Developing applications by using application development platforms enables enterprises to use the least assets and get the best results.

If a company does not have a team of developers who can continuously work on the app, it should spare one or two of its assets to develop applications using development platforms.

Apart from this, application development platforms also provide the best features that can be applied to your application.

Such features can prove time-consuming while creating applications without using development platforms.

2. Easy Scalability:

Application development platforms allow easy scalability of an application. They equip enterprises with the power to efficiently scale their applications at any point in time.

Whenever a company wants to change something in its application, app development platforms help get the work done with minimum effort.

3. Support:

App development platforms are just other businesses, and you are its customer. Just like any other business solution, app development platforms also provide excellent support to their customers.

Support is the most sought after part for any business stepping into something new. It can be a crucial factor for businesses that do not have enough internal assets to work on application development.

Using an application development platform seems quite exciting, right? Let’s look at some of the best application development platforms in the market.

i. AppyPie:

AppyPie is the fastest growing app development platform. It is highly popular in the industry as it offers unique features to infuse in the app.

The app-building process is relatively simple and you can easily incorporate great complex features by just dragging and dropping them into your files.

Small and medium-sized businesses with lower resources loved it the most. It has plans for all kinds of businesses and can accommodate enterprise-level solutions too.

AppyPie is highly customer-oriented, and it keeps rolling out blogs, tutorials, videos, and such stuff to facilitate a learning environment for its customers.

Even though it is easy to use, it assures that all its users achieve their tasks without any hindrance.

ii. Swiftic:

Swiftic holds the highest number of applications developed. It has enabled the development and publishing of a million applications throughout the globe, which marks the highest number in the app development platform industry.

It offers rapid application development for e-commerce as well as small and medium-sized businesses indulged in providing a better experience to their users.

It is quite popular among event-based businesses like bands, restaurants, and many more due to its robust features.

It follows a building block approach and provides its users with components that can be integrated into their applications with simple steps.

iii. Zoho Creator:

Zoho creator is one of the most backed app development platforms as it is being offered by Zoho which is a remarkable company.

Zoho creator follows a little to a no-code approach which helps to create better applications simply. This feature helps it to greatly cut out on application development and shipping times.

Zoho Creator can be used to publish web as well as mobile applications and it also equips users with features like third-party integrations, cloud functionality, offline app access, as well as emerging artificial intelligence.

iv. GameSalad:

GameSalad is a game and application development platform that supports application development for a wide range of platforms such as iPhone, Android, OSX, and HTML.

It provides a simple drag and drop method to incorporate features into the application.

It uses two main things, an actor editor and a scene. Scene editor lets you create scenes for your game which is pretty crucial for the game.

The actor editor part lets you set up an actor in the scene. The actor editor comes in handy when you want to control the actor and his working in the scene.

v. Shoutem:

Shoutem is popular because of the beautiful templates it has to offer, which make your app stand out in the market. If you want your applications to look great and highly appealing, you should use Shoutem.

Shoutem is highly popular among event-based businesses and apps which are aimed at high communication among its users.

Currently, Shoutem is offering lower features compared to its competitors but even then it can cater to all your application development needs.

vi. BuildFire:

BuildFire is another such upcoming application development platform that is currently empowering around thirty thousand businesses to fulfill their application development needs.

Developing applications using BuildFire is very easy and you can expect your application to be live within two to three days of development.

It is highly popular among medium-sized businesses, upcoming brands, and digital influencers.

The UI provided by BuildFire for its platform is beautiful and combined with the feature of the admin panel, it greatly relieves the application development and publishing process.

vii. iBuildApp:

iBuildApp is exceptionally popular among businesses that rely on the content and regularly update the content over their application.

iBuildApp has an inbuilt content management system and one of the most polished drag and drop application developers.

It is highly easy to develop exceptional applications using iBuildApp as it has thousands of ready-made templates to choose from. It is a trusted platform, and users have already used it more than a million times.

viii. BiznessApps:

BiznessApps is developed, keeping in mind the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that want to create great applications without investing many resources.

It is highly recommended to use e-commerce as it has great features like inbuilt analytics, order management, loyalty programs, and push notifications.

It also supports rapid scalability so that users can scale their applications to their needs.

ix. AppMakr:

AppMakr seems to be the most used application development platform. Its stats suggest that it has powered almost 2 million application developments.

The Singapore-based company has gained quite a popularity due to its claim that users can develop applications in just 20 minutes using their platform.

The platform offers a ton of components to choose from with which users can build their best applications.

x. Appery:

Appery is one unique application development platform in the market. It is a cloud-based platform that eliminates the need of downloading any further software for application development.

The main feature of Appery is that it helps you to connect the app to any of the existing REST API and infuse them to get the best results.

We have discovered many of the best application building platforms in the market today. Using application development platforms is a highly efficient way to rapidly develop and ship applications. It is one of the most judicious ways of using time in application development.

10 Best Platforms For Building a Mobile App in 2021
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10 Best Platforms For Building a Mobile App in 2021
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