Know The Benefits Of Outsourcing SaaS Product Development

Know The Benefits Of Outsourcing SaaS Product Development
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Since the last 13+ years, we have seen SaaS flourishing particularly in commercial industries. In the global market of technology, along with Software development, the Software as a Service (SaaS) is also growing and has acquired around 45 percent of the total application software spending in 2021.

The new sales models of SaaS development are replaced with more traditional forms of software licensing. 

Also, it is one of the major segments of the cloud market with anticipated growing revenues. It means, Software as a Service is making possible a greater scale of collaboration and helps to get better customer service and speed up the delivery process.

But, how the sales models of SaaS development can be transformed into something that can benefit the software companies.

These days, SaaS performing companies are saturating the market with increasing demand and competition of SaaS solutions.

In a statistical example, SaaS initial public offerings (IPOs) have been increased more than double over the past 12 years. And some of the high performing industries are increasing their team and resources with an average of 56% per year.

 SaaS Initial Public( Source: Grand View Research)

To stay ahead with the competitors, industries have realized to make product-market fit instantly. So, many companies are turning to outsource development teams to facilitate them to gather market demands in tilt and cost-effective techniques.

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Why You Need To Outsource The Software Development?

By outsourcing software development will help in solving major explicit issues, such as providing access to  talent, reducing expenses, and saving time. With outsourcing you can provide scale and decrease the time to market.

Many organizations are focusing more on soutsouce, including startups and medium level organisation. 

Is Outsourcing Of SaaS Development A Good Idea?

Meanwhile, SaaS application is in the mainstream-use between industries today, but at the same time, it is not an easy job. It has a need for a strong understanding and awareness of configurability, multi-tenancy, partitioning, security, etc.

This makes sure that a proper application can be developed which can be used to supply different types of consumers from different business verticals. So, defiantly outsourcing the software product development would a great idea to fulfill your requirement and it will return in a number of solutions or benefits to your industry, as well as:

  • reduced costs and better revenue margins
  • Access to larger pools of talented and capable developers
  • Improved prepared effectiveness by diminished damage on in-house resources
  • improved team effectiveness, with a particular value to Agile development methodology 

Let’s Find out the Key benefits of Outsourcing SaaS Product Development.

Outsourcing Redeems Startup Costs:

  • Normal developing industries frequently initiate with limited resources and funds which can make a significant challenge to developing the minimum viable product. Hence, working with an outsourced firm, industries can create a minimum viable product without spending their budget.
  • For example, a company that has outsourced its web and app development could start testing its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as fast as likely is slack. Outsourcing, let the company compress the prototype and check its alliance software without any major risk.

Enhance Experience And Efficiency In Development Process:

  • It is never been a good idea for recruiting new talent as it can be an expensive and slow process. In addition, it can take a longer time to build a team that pools resources well together. So, working with an outsourcing team can give you access to the verity of technical expertise.
  • In result, outsourcing makes available a team of highly skilled developers with the expertise of product management, UX/UI design, and cross-platform development testing.
  • Hence, the same team has already worked together with some similar projects, their experience and advice can lead the process to a professional way.
  • For example, the outsourcing team can help with a choice about significant SaaS features, such as email and Chabot configuration, and payment modules. Also, they can provide supervision on features of the site or software that can be formed with existing technology.

Meet The Market Demand Faster:

  • “The capability to scale rapidly” is vital for every commercial industry.
  • According to McKinsey,

    “if a software company grows only 20 percent per year, then there is a 92 percent chance it will cease to exist in the future. Even if a software company grows 60 percent per year, its chances of surpassing 1 billion in revenue are still only 50 percent.”


    So, in a very obvious way, to redeem the market demands continuous updates are very crucial for the SaaS companies. Outsourcing software development allows companies to deploy new features to the project to compete with the new troupes in the market.

Find Affordable Talents Through Outsourcing:

  • As I have mentioned above, recruiting a new resource is pretty time consuming and expensive. It also difficult to find appropriate and qualified developers having the required skills and having the knowledge to fulfilling the frequently changing technologies.
  • An outsourced team can handle a variety of tasks as security management, data management, and automation. If the team members are stretched too thin for too long, it damages the company’s productivity levels and decreases morale. Working with a consistent and reliable outsourcing partner allows companies to fill key roles with the talents.

The Future Of SaaS Development

Working with a skillful outsourced development team would help to gain a number of key benefits for commercial industries.

According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, 59 percent of all cloud workflows will be delivered as SaaS by the end of 2020.

In this present scenario, outsourcing  SaaS development has become an unavoidable part for companies those who are looking to save their time, resource, and quality output as well.

I’ve worked with the team at AndolaSoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.

Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas



Why Choose Us As Outsource SaaS Development Team?

Andolasoft has been providing the best quality SaaS Product Development services to its clients around the globe. Our experienced software developers have developed several SaaS applications like Orangescrum Project Management Tool and Wakeupsales – Smart CRM tool. You can easily endeavor into the newer marketplace without making a deep investment.

Companies need to recognize the range of advantages and disadvantages of SaaS before choosing this service from a third-party service supplier. So, if you are looking for a completely personalized and dependable SaaS development service, then you have come to the correct place.


If you will start working with an experienced and quality Outsourced SaaS development team, you can get several benefits from it as mentioned above.

According to Cisco’s global index, it was announced that over 59percentage of SaaS clouds workflows are to be delivered by the end of this year.

With outsourcing SaaS development, it has become an important part for most companies that helps in saving lots of times, output and resources.

You can reach out to a trusted development agency like Andolasoft to develop your SaaS application and grow your business.

Looking to outsource your dream SaaS project? Let’s discuss!

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