How Much Does It Really Cost To Develop A Mobile App

How Much Does It Really Cost To Develop A Mobile App
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Heard this conversation between two people in one of the conferences I was attending last month, 15th. And suddenly I felt how mobile apps are taking over like a gigantic hurricane. Though the conversation is real, the name is just to make your reading easier.

Drew: Hey Jennie, you know I have this new app getting built that will change the way people book hotels or transport. You know it got almost everything under one roof – it’s kinda going to be the mother of all on-demand communications.

Jennie: That’s cool, Drew!  So when is your mobile app being launched. I hope you launch the iOS version first.

Drew (Completely dumbfounded Jennie I’m just planning to launch the web version now!

Jennie: Oh! Ok…see you then

So people, the above conversation between the two individuals might have given some idea and realization that things are changing the way people interact with different scenarios is going mobile. So, here it is – Think App. Think Change. You’re Idea. Mobile First.

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Now let’s get into the details of how to go about with a mobile development and what are the things you need to take care of. As well as, how much should a normal app costs. And certain questions you need to ask to your app development team before you start with the mobile app.

Calculating the app development cost is a tough job. To make your work more relaxing we have prepared a guide. We will guide you with the inside and out in calculating the cost to develop an application by considering each minute.

Keeping the above things in mind – 75% business owners are planning to go mobile for their business, it may be for their product or service.

But two most important questions that you need to get answer for before your planning;

  • First one: How exactly does your business need a mobile app or in!
  • Second one: How much will it cost!

Does Being Mobile help!

With my experience in this industry for more than 12+ Years – It’s very much important.

Mobile apps help business to be engaged with more customers, helps increase the brand recognition, provide value to customer and maximize sales channels.

According to ‘Statista’, the worldwide Mobile App revenue was at $90 Billion in 2016 and a prediction of more than 200% growth by 2020.

Checkout the graph below.

Mobile App Revenue

I can even say Mobile Apps are one of the game changing marketing tool to drive more traffic and revenue.

If an app has the quality and the user-friendliness to maneuver then the App will get millions of download requests.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile globally?

In a recent research from Good firms, it was found that on an average, developing a simple application will cost around $91,000. A medium complexity cost of app development will be around $131,000.
Likewise a complex app will cost around $211,000.

At the beginning you might think, this might be a million dollar expense because you do not have the idea where to start and how to start and for its complexity. But, the interesting this is, it’s not as expensive as you think and not hard to start with.

Now the very common question comes to mind that – How much will it cost for a Mobile App Development?

Advance technical knowledge, experienced developers and skilled team are much needed for Mobile App Development. You need to pay the man-hours to develop a powerful application with all of your business or app features.

The amount you pay to the Mobile Application Development Company differs from country to country like in USA and Asia.

The budget of your application is factor and you need to think yourself, how much you are going to invest in that? It depends for which OS you want to build it for – Android, iOS or both.

If it’s going to be countries like USA, Canada etc.: then start with the iOS App first and then with Android as 75% Mobile Users in USA are using an Apple Platform.

If it’s an Asian Country or Middle East etc.: then go for an Android App first followed by iOS.

Single platform applications are less expensive than complex multi-platform apps. Application Development always depends upon the top three factors like Quality, Price and Usability.

The cost of your application not only depends upon the quality but also the area where the app you want to develop. Normally the hourly price of Mobile App Developers is high in USA as compared to Asian country. Higher prices do not always reflect the real quality of app development in other countries though.

Application Development Cost(Source:

The quality of the app depends upon the app development proficiency of the team. So make an intelligent choice.  These things are always true!  But how much will your app cost?

To get an approximated value of the development of your mobile app you need to consider various factors like,

1. Type of Application:

A simple app with basic functionality is always less expensive as compared to a complex structural design. The cost of your app depends upon the man-hour that takes. Complex apps require advance software architecture to implement features like database, CMS, advanced admin options, social features and external API integration. These also need some backend architecture, experienced developer and additional time to complete.

Type of Application


The price of 3D games Apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IoT) or other custom utilities application are high in cost than the normal apps.

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2. Platforms and functionalities

The development cost of the application varies according to platforms. You cannot use the same code in different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Each platform requires different SDKs, programming languages and skill.

Functionalities are the features of mobile app and each functionalities takes specific time to complete and it depends upon the simplicity and complexity of feature. It’s also not easy to tell the exact estimated hours to complete that particular task but an approximation can always be drawn. Let’s have a look at the possible functionalities

  • In-App Purchases or Ordering
  • Bookings or cancellation
  • Geo-location Setting
  • Bar or QR codes processing
  • Payment Processing and refund

3. Development Phase:

You application needs to come across with various developmental phases like planning, designing, coding to testing for better functioning and bug free app – and you definitely cannot skip a single one out of them.

Let’s have a look at the Clutch Survey about the cost of application development phases

Mobile Development Phases

4. Type of Developer/Team Selection:

For your app development, you can hire freelancers or hire an application development company, but you need to consider certain things like safety, reliability, and quality as well as hourly app development price. You will get freelancer in cheaper price but I am sure you will not get the quality work and quality code.

I think every app owner has the complete idea to review the codes of a freelancing developer and their work portfolio. So, there is always a possibility of risk involved in leaving you mid-way.

I know, It’s little expensive – when you decide to go for an application development company but you will get quality service with their dedicate iOS and Android mobile app developer, graphic designer and tester. They will never put you down in the middle and would offer continued co-operation even after your app is live.

5. Business Analyst:

As a business owner you might have a champion mobile app idea, but the idea needs to pass through several market analysis, the app needs verification and needs both functional and non functional documentation.

An experienced app development team will include various facets in the various stages as you deeply dive into the development process. The team relies on asking many questions until they get a proper development plan.

Business analysis phase:

  • Experienced appreneurs that allocate 10% of whole app development budget for the business analysis phase.
  • The business analysis phase will cost from $1,200 to $11,000 in a time span of 2-4 weeks.

6. Ui/UX Design:

As it comes to develop an app, it becomes more flawless with the UI/UX design that provides exceptional first impressions.

This design is an experience that attracts more users to get them hooked. It is a great ideas to get more clickable prototype as per your application requirements specifications.

I’ve worked with the team at Andolasoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.

Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas



You can get your click-through prototype with tools, such as:

  • Adobe XD
  • Marvel
  • InVision

The prototyping tools comes with the subscription model. And they can seamlessly fit in your team’s workflow.


Mobile App Development is not an easy task. But the right choice and if the developer (the team) has understood your requirement then the app will be built flawless at the right budget.

An experienced development team with reliable Mobile App Development Company can take you to your finishing line.

Andolasoft is the most trusted web and Mobile App Development company with highly experienced App developer to cater all your requirements. Ranked by Mashable as the best mobile development company makes it well known in the app development business.

For a quick discussion to get a budget estimate and timeline you can always go for a discussion with our app development team or expert.

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