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Custom Mobile App Development Services

Mobile applications have become an essential element for business growth in the growing digital customer base. Growing businesses maintain instant connection with their target customers with the help of mobile applications.

We at Andolasoft, develop custom mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. We are also experts in developing cross platform mobile apps in platforms like Flutter, Xamarin, and PhoneGap etc.

  • Custom iOS and Android apps development
  • Native and cross-platform apps development
  • Mobile app UI/UX design
  • Mobile app prototyping and consulting
  • Mobile app QA and testing
  • Android & AOSP customization
  • Maintenance and support service
Custom Mobile App Development Services

Empower Business and Drive Digital Transformation With Mobile Apps

iOS App Development:

We have a team of iOS App developers to develop innovative and result-oriented applications with latest updates, frameworks.

  • swift
  • Objective-C
  • SwiftUI
  • CocoaPods
  • RxSwift
  • SwiftLint
  • CircleCI
  • iOS App Development
  • iOS App Consultation
  • iOS UI/UX Design
  • iOS App Testing
  • Support and Maintenance

Android App Development:

Our skilful Android developers have broad domain experience & are capable of completing the life cycle development of projects, from prototyping to app deployment on the Play Store.

  • KotlinKotlin
  • JavaJava
  • GraddleGraddle
  • Dagger2Dagger2
  • JetPackJetPack
  • CoroutinesCoroutines
  • FastlaneFastlane
  • Android App Development
  • Android App Consultation
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Maintenance

Flutter App Development:

We provide beautiful mobile apps with expressive UI, smooth animations and high performance Flutter app development services to multi-platform apps. Our flutter developers have proven expertise in developing user-friendly apps to meet your business-specific requirements.

  • FlutterFlutter
  • Flutter app development and consulting
  • UI/UX Design for Flutter Apps
  • Migration and API Integration
  • Flutter App Debugging and Testing
  • Support and maintenance

Hybrid App Development:

Our team of hybrid app developers includes qualified UX designers, visual designers and software engineers with deep expertise in mobile web development technologies.

  • React NativeReact Native
  • Native ScriptNative Script
  • JavascriptJavascript
  • TypeScriptTypeScript
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Cross-platform development
  • Hybrid App Design
  • Hybrid App Testing & QA
  • Hybrid App Maintenance

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our Mobile App Developers Hiring Options

Hire Custom Application Developers
Dedicated Developers

This is the best hiring option, where you get direct access to developers, who can work in your timezone, get direction from you and deliver to your needs. The billing cycle is monthly and you get 160 hours of time for each developer you hire.

Time and Material Based

This is the most suitable option when your project scope is not fully determined, our developers analyses your assignment and give a timeline, and complete it with your approval.

Fixed Cost Model

This is for the type of project where the requirement is expected to be almost frozen so is the cost. Any additions would add cost.

Mobile App Development Verticals

Our Recent Works


Squadz is a location-based social activity platform connecting people to play pickup sports & engage in sports-related activities. Whether you're looking for a local pickup game, a venue to play at with your group, or a better way to stay in touch with your teammates, Squadz has your back.

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MyCircadianClock is used in research studies examining how diet, exercise & sleep affect health and healing. Our body contains circadian or 24h clocks that determine the time to sleep, feel hungry or to get ready for physical activity. Research studies run in different locations are trying to understand the interaction between ‘how much’ & ‘when’ we sleep, eat or exercise for better health. You need an activation code from these research studies to download and use the app.

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D'Marie app is mainly designed where users can review their analytics and unique portfolio values from Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Users can also make & share sponsored content (i.e. images tagged with item links) specifically from this application to each of the three social platforms.

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AuditNet serves the global audit community as a primary communications platform with an online digital network where auditors share resources, tools & experiences including audit work programs & other audit documentation.

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AR Search

AR Search – A useful Augmented Reality app in iOS for your travels. Ever been to a new place and wonder about nearby shops, eateries, banks & commercial stores? This is a cool app for travelers like you, where you can find places in an augmented view through your mobile device camera in context to your location.

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AR Search

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Got a Mobile App idea in Mind?

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom application development is the process of designing, engineering and releasing a unique app for mobile devices in accordance with specific business, technical and design requirements.

In most scenarios custom mobile apps are absolutely worth it. In very rare cases when you need a typical app, with a simple functionality for a short period of time (one month max) you should look for a white-label solution or consider not building an app at all.

Generally, our mobile app development services include:

  • Custom iOS and Android app development
  • Progressive Web App development and Cross-platform development
  • UI/UX design services
  • Mobile app porting
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Automated QA services
  • Power management, notification & geofencing services
  • Embedded Android & AOSP customizations
  • Maintenance and ongoing support

13 years in mobile app development have allowed us to craft a process that ensures high productivity and efficiency. Here are the benefits you will get after secting Andolasoft for mobile app development services.

  • Full-stack Developer (Full Time or Monthly Dedicated), where you get an array of benefits
  • Work directly with the developer, no middle-person involved
  • Guaranteed 160 hours/month/developer
  • Get multi-services across SDLC, just Pay for one resource
  • Save cost on billing in comparison project-based engagement
  • Free project collaboration tool access to track the project development
  • Power management, notification & geofencing services
  • Developer works overlapping your Timezone

The development time completely depends on requirements and resources available. On average it takes 1-3 months for MVP with basic functionality, simple design and a back-end.

The mobile app development cost also depends on the requirements, project hourly estimation and developers rate. Normally the app development cost could be from $15,000 to $50,000.

Yes, we provide 3-months free technical support, so in case, if you face any technical problems while accessing the app, our support team will guide you.

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