Wakeupsales New UI Overhaul: Making CRM work Joyful

Wakeupsales New UI Overhaul: Making CRM work Joyful

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What is the first thing that impresses you when you sign up to an application – Correct, it the look and feel of the application followed by the features and functionalities.

Before getting involved to any web or mobile application, it’s highly important to think “How should the user interface interact and how will it help to your targeted users ?

A high quality app interface design should be in-sync with user’s requirements and you must have such elements in store so as to make the working environment for the user a smooth experience.

It’s all about designing your product – in a way that is well understood by the user and it should self-initiate interaction easily.

In past we are very much familiar with Flat UI with gradients and now virtual-augmented reality UI has become the main goal.

Before we drill down deeper, let’s have a quick look at what experts say on UI Design Concept:

2017 will be a year when we focus on user choice

Sarah Doody
User Experience Designer and Product Strategist.
Founder of the UX Notebook

“I think the biggest UI trend in 2017 will be the lack of UI

Andy Budd
Managing Director, Clearleft

The current trend in UI is simple and its needs more human interaction and conversation

We at WakeUpSales, tried to implement the above UI (Look & Feel) Concepts to make CRM work joyful for users across the globe, doesn’t matter which industry you serve.

To give better user experience in products, Andolasoft has given a fresh new UI to one of its popular product –WakeUpSales – check out the New UI

With lots of R&D with the addition of hard work – our UI, Development and Testing team have made a huge improvement in WakeUpSales UI. Let’s have a quick look at WHATS THE NEW UI IS ALL ABOUT


  • Have all your leads stacked up in one place
  • Send them emails, follow-ups and all other activities that you never miss out.
  • Arrangement of task listing page and chances of missing task is very less.
  • Multiple user collaboration facilities.
  • Easy to track daily and periodic updates and schedule tasks.
  • Storage of documents, images and invoice can store systematically.
  • Report Generation with CSV and PDF format and many more…

Energized with WakeUpSales New UI, Try the demo


The new UI of WakeUpSales is stimulating the web now and getting huge numbers of feedback. Some of WakeUpSales Capterra reviews.

“I really loved the UI of WakeUpSales. It’s very pleasant to work with. The Plugin library is not so rich at the moment but I’m sure it will grow by time. This crm is definitely worth for a try!”

Taylan Toprak
Owner, Estateslist.com, Turkey

Jayadev Das

Do what you do best in – that’s what I’ve always believed in and that’s what I preach. Over the past 25+ years (yup that’s my expertise ‘n’ experience in the Information Technology domain), I’ve been consulting to small, medium and large companies ‘bout Web Technologies, Mobile Future as well as on the good-and-bad of tech. Blogger, International Business Advisor, Web Technology Expert, Sales Guru, Startup Mentor, Insurance Sales Portal Expert & a Tennis Player. And top of all – a complete family man!

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