Wakeupsales CRM Suite: Powered by Ruby on Rails

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How popular is your web application or will be if you want to build one?

Well the answer to this lies on a lot on the framework that’s used to build the application. Because, along with the popularity a lot matters also on the continuous development, deployment and maintenance as well.  Easier the development, better the progress of the app.

Big question is that which platform is best towards application development that’s more productive and with less probability of errors.

Let me Answer you on this: As an experience and successful application developer I will suggest you to go with “Ruby on Rails” for any type of application that you want to build.

Let me remind you a quick overview on ruby on rails or who don’t have idea about this,

Rails is a framework which is widely used in web applications development with Ruby programming language. It is the high-level object oriented programming language like Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, Java.

Some of the World’s most popular Project Collaboration Tool: Basecamp and the most powerful CRM (customer relationship management) Wakeupsales has been developed using ruby on rails.

To name some others, that are built with Rails –GitHub, Jobster, Kickstarter, Shopify, Scribd and other popular websites that have been developed using ruby on rails.

At Andolasoft, we are passionate and very much watchful to exercise the power of Ruby on Rails to develop apps. Among all we have achieved great success in one of our product-“Wakeupsales-The free CRM application”.

In this article, I am going to tell how Rails helped to develop some of the smart features of Wakeupsales, with minimum turn-around time.


1. Contact Management:

Both individual and company can be easily managed. In ‘Contacts’ user can add and create company with company name, email, company size, website, country & phone number. Along, with that we can add associates with that company. User can also edit and delete contacts from the contact manager.

2. Lead Management:

in lead management, section user can add and create new leads with lead information like contact name, email, country and phone no. In case of non-availability of contact name, individual contact will be created associated to the leads. User can also set the priority and type of lead for specific lead.
Lead Management

3. Task Management:

In task management section user create new task with task information like task title, task details, task start and end date and can assign task to member. User can also set the task priority and sent email to assigned users.
Task Management

4. Sales Flow Boards:

It’s important to know where your leads are (at this moment)– not only for you but for the entire team. It might be that the lead that came as ‘New’ last week might have been turned to ‘Need to send Quote’. This Kanban Visualization makes the sales pipeline management transparent. On top of that you can also drag-n-drop lead from one stage to another with ease.
Sales Flow Boards

5. Website (Contact Form) Integration:

Contact form in your Web page can be integrated to Wakeupsales so that anyone who contacts you can be placed (inserted to Wakeupsales, automated) as hot leads at one place. Oh Yeah! – That’s how easy it was to make the cumbersome process of writing the information of a hot lead to the CRM. We automated the entire process. Go Rails!!!

Wakeupsales is completely free… Sign Up now!

Finale (for now)

Ruby on rails is the backbone of Wakeupsales and it’s going strong each day.

This is not the end and there is of course more to it. Check out this space next week to know more. At any time you want to learn more about our CRM tool latest news and information, you can visit the Wakeupsales Blog.

Technology like Ruby on Rails is making it easier to build apps, leading to the creation of more startups. It used to take longer to get a company up and running than it does today.    -VC money

Are you looking to develop your next application with ruby on rails! Lets discuss

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