WakeUpSales CRM Apps To Manage Your Sales Powered by Rails

Wakeupsales CRM Apps To Manage Your Sales Powered by Rails
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We’ve just released our SaaS CRM application, Wakeupsales CRM, and we’re so excited to share it with you! We spent a lot of time researching the best technology to use for the app, and we found that Ruby on Rails was the perfect fit.

Performance and productivity are the two essential factors for the success of any product in the global SaaS market, as well as meeting user requirement.

Software market places are getting more serious with innovations and it’s always a big question for companies with new products – that, what will be the best innovation with respect to a product before debuting it in front of users?

“First, verify if the core value of your product is in the technology or the business process. If you get this wrong, you will most probably fail. Once you define where the value lies – focus on fast iterations based on closed customer feedback loops.”

Marcin Szeląg, Innovation Nest

(Source: netguru.co)

At one stage, you might start getting frustrated on not being able to choose the right technology – and that we completely understand.

Designing the right kind of user experience after a long research is the key to a SaaS application success.

This led us to choose Ruby on Rails and today Wakeupsales SaaS platform is going good with this technology.

“Take small steps, don’t plan too much, observe, measure your KPIs and adapt your strategy.”

Paweł Kucharski, CTO, Sotrender

(Source: netguru.co)

At Present, people prefer to go with handy software kits which can be customized as per the users’ needs without writing much of codes etc. – this is possible if you go for a good Open Source platform and then customize it according to your idea.

In this competitive commercial world, retaining existing customers and finding new ones are vital for business growth.

Ruby on Rails SaaS applications are more flexible and easy for integration in less time. You can make a practical replica like Wakeupsales- the ruby on rails cloud crm software from Andolasoft, as per your terms and concepts.

Wakeupsales is a sales management software that can help you automate your sales activities and manage your customers.

No doubt it’s the most innovative and affordable CRM solution available in the market for Free!


Are you looking free SaaS CRM Tool – Try it Now


What’s new with Wakeupsales CRM Tool?

  • New User Interface with exciting new features.
  • Lead tracking and resource allocation.
  • Third party app integration.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Completely free for 90 days with free support.

You will get premium account management access with the free trial with self-serve upgrades and downgrades.

It’s easy to define your own limits (storage space, number of projects, etc). We have maintained bank level CRM security to make sure user’s data are always safe.

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