Know The Benefits Of Customized Ruby On Rails CRM Plugins

Know The Benefits Of Customized Ruby On Rails CRM Plugins
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Plugins are added modules, features or functionalities that are joined in with an application to perform certain specific tasks to make the CRM tool way more user-friendly and save time to execute the work effortlessly with technology such as ruby on rails.

Through Wakeupsales, you can achieve this and with its multiple variety of Plugins – it makes it even more powerful. Checkout the Wakeupsales marketplace.

According to the market statistics, not all CRM tools are able to attract users even with lots of modifications in features.

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Among other factors, integration of custom Plugins with right technology is one of the most important factors – that marks one key importance between an application and plugin.

Now, if we think carefully – the first question that might come to your mind is that “which is the better technology?” And “What are the best Plugins to develop for a CRM application.”

The answer will be “Ruby on Rails” – now this answer is only after my extensive research in CRM tools and the technology we used to develop our own product – Wakeupsales.

With more consumer trends and changes in your business, it will become easier with custom Ruby on Rails CRM plugins

In the fast moving world, a feature that will help your business to move forward is  moving forward with the CRM, that will provide many fast functionalities. 

But even if you develop software from the ground, the speed will vary from technology to technology. Therefore, Custom Ruby on Rails is more effective that allows it to move fast enough.

And this might get clearer, if you will go through our ruby on rails CRM application – The Wakeupsales.

In my previous article I had, shared Wakeupsales manages your sales activity and other features it includes, so I will not repeat the same here – just check out Wakeupsales here.

You will face no problem in adding developers to your Ruby on Rails Project Team- for two main reasons::

  • Ruby on Rails is a mature, highly unified technology. Therefore with Ruby on Rails CRM, the professionals can stick to the same best practices, requirements, architecture and general guidelines.
  • The Ruby Programming language is very much similar to English. The ROR developers can read the code written by other developers like an open book.

This will create a big scope in adding more features to your Ruby on Rails CRM applications. You don’t have to pay for hours to developers to get into the swing of things which is typical for many other framework pairs.

Plugins we have developed for Wakeupsales for users who have benefited a lot from it.

Good News: Within a short span of time, Wakeupsales has won the ‘Great User Experience & Rising Star’ awards  and some really good customer feedback.

I’ve worked with the team at Andolasoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.


Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas



A recent one is as below:

CRM Testimonial

Some of the Plugins we have develop for this CRM application-using ruby on rails, checkout below;

  1. Sendgrid Plugins
  2. Amazon SES Plugins
  3. Gmail Integration Plugins
  4. Invoice Management Plugins to name out some.

All the above named Plugins and others make Wakeupsales very much smarter –Our Infographics can tell you more about this.


As you are now aware about the benefits of Rails CRM, now it’s time to move your business with a Custom CRM App.

The Ruby on Rails development team of Wakeupsales are continuously in the process of creating powerful plugins to be in sync with the application to make your CRM work even more easier and better.

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