Things You Must Know Before Starting Your SaaS Product Marketing

Things You Must Know Before Starting Your SaaS Product Marketing

When it comes to marketing your SaaS Product – something like a “project collaboration tool” or a“CRM application”, you need to know the right product marketing process to get better visibility and generate more revenue over the internet. So as you reach the number of people who would want to use your product.

There are lots of advantages to the Software as a Service ( SaaS) business model. It provides lower cost, recurring revenue, with shorter sales cycles are some of the few benefits.

SaaS marketing can be more challenging,but with proper planning you can grow your SaaS business.


The SaaS market is going crazy.

Like, 17.3% of year over year market growth was observed and more than $474 billion by 2022.

SaaS Marketing(Source: Accelerate Agency)

Helping your B2C or B2B SaaS enjoy the success might seem a bit challenging. But you need to develop the SaaS marketing plan for your business success.


What Is SaaS Marketing?

Unlike inbound marketing or content marketing, it refers to the marketing techniques. SaaS marketing is more like a strategy that is used to market the SaaS products.

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SaaS marketers find themselves in a very difficult situation of having to promote an intangible product. Also these SaaS products are more complex in nature. It caters to a very lower audience and both.

 Marketing SaaS products is not an insurmountable task. It needs the right combination of marketing savvy, best practises and the correct automation process is all it requires.

In my previous article, I had described, two of the best SaaS Products – OrangeScrum & Wakeupsales developed by Andolasoft and today in this article, I will be sharing some important strategies to reach out to your target users or customers and how you can influence them towards your SaaS product.

Let’s get started;

  • Product Security

More than 75% of US App Population thinks that their personal information is not safe in the cloud and so they don’t trust cloud security.

However, the fact is –a lot has improved and SaaS companies are taking a lot many steps to protect data loss and improve the security factors. We have implemented high-quality security features in our SaaS products – OrangeScrum and Wakeupsales such as

  • SaaS deployment model
  • Secured Connection Access( TLS/SSL and HTTPS)
  • Network Security
  • Data segregation
  • Data Backup

For your trust, let’s have a look at some of the customer feedback of our product.

“Orangescrum organizes our clients and our projects with the ability to quickly replicate these processes we develop for our services.”

Jamie Smith
Director of Marketing Automation

Try OrangeScrum Free

“I really loved the UI of WakeUpSales. It’s very pleasant to work with. The Plugins library is not so rich at the moment but I’m sure it will grow by time. This crm is definitely worth for a try!”

Taylan Toprak

Try Wakeupsales Free

  • Know Your Target Customer

Before you start up with your million-dollar-marketing plan – you should be very clear as, who will be your target customer.
You and your team must be clear as to how your SaaS product will help your end users and meet their requirement effectively.

Product level A/B testing is necessary and you need to spend more time on this.

It is always beneficial to create a realistic picture of target customers by collecting various information’s like the profession of users, user’s company details and the problems users are facing in their workplace and how your app will solve their problems.

User behaviors, queries, reviews, social feedback, and product survey also play an important role in targeting the right customer.

  • Your Sales And Marketing SLA

When developing a successful SaaS product marketing plan, your marketing and sales teams need to be on the same page.

You can develop this ailment by having both your teams committed to sales and marketing SLA. It tells about your team and what can be expected from them.

 A basic sales and Marketing SLA includes two parts:

  1. Sales: Must connect with those leads in a particular time frame and follow up with regular intervals.
  2. Marketing: Should provide a certain number of leads to sales in each month.
  • Free Trial And Easy Access To Web App

“Free Trial” is the strategy to get more users into your SaaS App – and to get their quality feedback in order to know what users think about your app and how it can be better.

Because at the end-users are the one who will be using it.

You should allow all your advanced features within this trial period; so as the users to feel the real power of your application.

In the meantime – you should be publishing high quality, reliable, educational and informative product content in your blog page.

If you have not created a blog page – create one. It’s very much important.

  • Better Client Service

Fast, speedy and polite customer response with close attention to customer’s needs can surely add up to better customer support experience for the users.

No matter how good your app is, if your support is better you can always win customers as convert them as a paid user.

According to a survey of more than 60%, product development companies are getting good revenue because of their good customer support.

Therefore, you definitely don’t want to be counted in the other 40%.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing plays an important role in order to reach out to your target audience and generate leads for your application.

Targeting the right keywords in your problem solving and informative blog content, eBooks and Infographics brings your app name in relevant searches – which again maximizes the organic traffic and hence increases the conversion rate.

Email campaign and webinars also help to create awareness among people and help the prospects to know more about your SaaS product and its features.

In the flow – the prospects get to know, using your app, how it will solve your problem. Which is vital.

  • Listing In Top Review Sites

Just like movie critics – app review sites let the world population know more about your app.

Before even signing up most of the users read the product reviews to get to know what exactly does it has and will solve their need.

These listing sites also help them to perform a quick comparison of other products that are competing with your app in the same genre.

B2B review sites like Capterra, SaaSGenius, GetApp and more play an important role as an influencer.

This does make an impact on your users’ mind.


“90%,of all the B2C and B2B buyers from mid-sized organizations who had seen reviews online said that the positive reviews actually influenced their purchasing decisions.”

ZenDesk survey

  • Paid Advertisement

Paid advertisement like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and paid Social Media Advertisement (SMA) of your SaaS product helps to get a quick engagement crowd and attract new users to try out your app.

Have a look at the various types of paid advertisement that are used by marketing professionals and their effectiveness.

Paid AdvertisementSource:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most widely used and effective paid advertisement to reach out to your target audience.

I’ve worked with the team at Andolasoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.

Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas


But, you need to be very much careful about the title, description, cost per click and timing of your SEM campaign. Because the result is purely dependent on how you set it up.

Note: Always compare your advertisement with respect to mobile and desktop version, before pushing it live.

In The End

An app – with a simple, yet intuitive look and feel with functionalities that hit the bull’s eye in solving the pain points of users. The app that is easy to set up and doesn’t need too much of “Quantum Physics” to start working with it for you and your team. The app that integrates with other applications like Gmail, Ring Central, Skype, etc., makes it more likable ‘n’ acceptable.

People love simple apps but with added smartness.

Too much of bulkier and Rocket Science apps doesn’t hit the chords.

The same way your marketing activities should also be circulating around in displaying how easy it is to use it, manage it and collaborate among your team.

Introducing smart product features with better customer support can take your SaaS product to a newer height. Periodically product up-gradation, promoting rich content and an active social media promotion – will surely help your app reach your target users.

Developing a winning SaaS marketing plan requires a lot. It starts with your own internal marketing team, who are responsible for developing an overall vision for your company’s marketing strategy, also for defining key performance metrics.  

However, you can take our help from Andolasoft, for developing a SaaS product, if you haven’t yet. Our expert developers will help you in developing your own SaaS product according to your needs.

Things You Must Know Before Starting Your SaaS Product Marketing
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Things You Must Know Before Starting Your SaaS Product Marketing
You need to know the right SaaS product marketing process to get more visibility and reach more number of people who want to use your SaaS product
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