Wakeupsales CRM Re-imagined!

Wakeupsales CRM Re-imagined!

About Wakeupsales

Wakeupsales is a simple yet powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool built for small business, startups & freelancers, helping them manage their leads and increase their sales efficiency.

At Andolasoft, our aim is always to make our products better every day & provide the best possible experience to all our users. This past month was BIG for Wakeupsales; with some really BIG changes to the app, behind the scenes.

Why we decided to go Angular?

In simple words, we wanted to boost the performance of the application.

Back in the days, we found that the app performance used to get affected when there’s more concurrent users at any given point of time.

We went back to the table and initially thought to bump up the server size. But that was never going to be a long term fix.

After hours of research & discussion on how to make it more efficient, we decided to separate the front-end with the application’s back-end.

That would make the application more stable, increase performance and also would be easy for maintenance.

Our team of developers then decided to build the application in 3 separate layers. One was the application front-end, second was the back-end and third was the database.

The first layer would only be accessible to the users & we were confident it can take the load of maximum concurrent users.

The second layer is flexible to grow upon more load and can shrink when load decreases. The third layer is only accessible through the back-end server.

We worked really hard to make this happen & the results are overwhelming. All our users report the app to be more than 60% faster & they are able to do even more on their sales pipeline. See, how it works..

There’s no reward bigger than this for us.

If you’re not on Wakeupsales yet, SignUp today! I’m sure you’ll love managing your sales pipeline on it.

What process did we follow & what’s the outcome? – Stay tuned for the next blog!

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