Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Website

Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Website

8 Incredible Benefits for Choosing WordPress Development for Your Website

Building a business website online may be something in your mind for days even not for months. Well, it will take some time before you start as you need to decide on the right development platform and package. 

Maybe, you want to try one of the top 3 CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal) and are already seeking answers from professional WordPress web development companies

Even if you have professionals to build your website, you still like to manage it yourself once it is launched. So, you need to make certain crucial decisions like which platform to choose and use for your website development.

The million-dollar question is why

Simply because it will impact the look, speed, performance, and user activity. This viewpoint often encourages specialists to recommend WordPress development.


WordPress – Take a Close Look

WordPress has been rising ever since 2003; the year of its origin and continues to rule the market as the #1 blogging platform. It has evolved into a favored and superior OS web development platform. 

Users are free to download and install WordPress which is the most popular content management system so far.

It’s good to see that everyone from small sites/personal blogs to large corporate sites like Time Inc, Sony, NBC, and the New York Post has been running on this platform. 

According to w3techs, 30% of all the sites on the web are now powered by WordPress.

WordPressImage Source: w3techs

WordPress – Facts That Are Little Known

Any professional WordPress developer or consultant working for a while already knows that a lot of platforms are there when it comes to website designing and blogging.

The choices are so many, but WordPress web development services are the clear winner. 

The last 16 years have been a phase of positive growth for WordPress web development and blogging, and the following statistics have proven it:

  • 409 million – People visit 20 billion pages hosted on WP per month
  • 70 million – Fresh posts and 77 million comments are produced by WP users every month
  • WordPress – Has 35 major versions released so far, the latest one is “Jaco”
  • WordPress – powers 14.7% of the 100 websites on top

Over time, WordPress has garnered interest more than that of SharePoint, Blogger, and Drupal, as per Google Trends.

And, packed with amazing plugins, tools, and features; WordPress is undisputedly the best choice for web app development in the market.

Want to know more??

Let’s explore how promising WordPress application development can be for your business.

WordPress Application Development – A Choice beyond Doubt

It is true that a WordPress app developer can bring more to the table. Here are discussed the key benefits that make WordPress development a popular choice for users to set up and run their business sites.

  • Simple & Convenient – This quality keeps WP ahead of its competitors, putting the web developers at ease and saving the users from mastering PHP, HTML, CSS, or any other complex coding language.
  • Stable & Adaptable – The use and look of a website may need to change with time, and fortunately, WP can easily accommodate it. While keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, technology, and features, it allows users to choose from thousands of plugins and custom themes to get what they want to be in the race.
  • SEO Friendly – It is among the exclusive features that make WordPress web development SEO friendly. From loading faster and getting crawled easily to saving a lot on SEO services, the website will succeed on all fronts.
  • Sharing is Fun – Sharing is no more a difficult job when it is a WordPress developed site. It will have everything including the plug-ins, APIs, and widgets for the social media that would help you connect to social media accounts from the website and share the content on different platforms.
  • Responsiveness– WP is the best content management system if you aim to adjust your website to the device your visitors are accessing it from and give them a memorable experience.
  • Community Support – There is a useful community comprising of volunteers and technicians to support and advise you on different forums. You can post your query and get a reply within no time.
  • 3rd Party Integration – WordPress application development ensures thousands of application programming interfaces (API’s), giving you the flexibility to integrate external resources/services into the website.
  • ScalabilityWordPress app developers worldwide will assure that WordPress development can create and extend your website’s network, minimizing resources and time at the same time.

All the above points back up WordPress development services as a worthy choice for your next project – adding value, efficiency, and flexibility all the time.

If you have started seeing good things in the WordPress application development service of late, contact Andolasoft. One of our experts would talk to you directly, guiding you in the right direction.

We will cover more such interesting topics in the next posts. Stay tuned!!

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