Why Businesses Prefer Ruby on Rails and Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Why Businesses Prefer Ruby on Rails and Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Why Businesses Prefer Ruby on Rails and Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Lots of questions in your mind or you must be getting into a brain-storming session with your technology professionals to build your new application with a powerful platform such as ‘Ruby on Rails’.

I am sure, you have made all the plans to build your next multi-million-dollar idea but not sure which technology to go for ! Still unsure – let me help you, read along….

Choosing the right programming language for your dream application is always a bit tricky. It’s like going to purchase your new car with lots of excitements and without knowing the brand value.

Right professionals can guide you better and give life to your dream application – such as the ruby on rails.

Ruby on Rails

Now the question arises how frameworks like Ruby in Rails can be worth for your requirements?

“I’m still convinced that RoR is adequate to implement the requirements of about 95% of today’s web applications, it’s obvious that it isn’t “hip” any more. I agree that the language and the framework might not scale up to millions of concurrent users, thousands of data streams etc., but I assume that this is not relevant for all but very few companies.

All the micro services and big data buzz reminds me of the mindless adoption of EJB application servers in the early 2000s, when even the simplest web application was designed using transaction monitors and heavyweight EJBs.

The team productivity for developing small to midsized web applications with RoR is still unbeaten – there’s just no other framework that can deliver results within short time.”

— Nikolaus Rumm (Agile Manager in Transition)

According to Angel list, let have a look at the demand for programming skills based on the software developers, worldwide;

Programming Skills of Software Developers

(Source – zikka Blog)

Now a day’s all top industry like business, shopping, health and top companies, entrepreneurs are using Ruby on Rails for their web application.

Have a look at the visual representation of Ruby on Rails technology in various industries.

Ruby on Rails in Various Industries

(Source: http://denineguy.github.io)

Ruby on Rails speed and agility results in high productivity and growth of the business. Widely used social media portal Twitter was developed using Rails.

Shopify – the online store

Basecamp –the web-based project management tool and

Wakeupsales –the CRM application has been developed using this technology and a lot others.

With latest features and low-upfront cost, developers can build web apps whereas the business owners save on their overall cost and quicker development cycle.

Ruby on Rails developers provide promising results and that is the only reason why both startup and enterprise business owners get involved with ruby on rails.

Now, you must be pondering from where actually you would be getting your next best Ruby on Rails developer.

Don’t panic, here I am sharing some important tips to hire your next Ruby on Rails Developer;


Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

1.Work Experience and Portfolio

As you know experience matters in all places of work and there is no substitute for experience. Yes, this is fairly new language, but it’s advisable to go with an experienced professional. Before hiring a ruby on rails developer or company, check their portfolio and case studies to get an idea about their capabilities and expertize.

2.Technical Expertise and Capabilities

You need to judge a developer, both in technical and non-technical part. In non-technical part you need to check his/her language of communication, approach, willingness towards work and the various sources from where he/she will get information over the internet.

In technical part, he/she must have expertise in syntax, oop programming, MVC paradigm, MVC paradigm, API + JSON , front-end skill, database and various tools that are used in ruby on rails. Also, analyze the matured level to handle simple as well as complex projects.

3. Knowledge on Functionality and Methodology

You can judge a developer by analyzing his/her work methodology. You need to find out if the developer and his company adopting the standard industrial practices and quality control methods.

You need to have a quick analysis of their previous projects functionality and the way they have delivered these projects.

4. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

As we know communication is a major part to get things done in an easier way. Your developer must understand about your project requirements and what are you exactly looking for.

 5. Approach Towards Work and Delivery

After understanding your ideas, execution of these ideas with better strategy and planning is a shine of a good developer. You need to judge how much focus he/she is giving towards you’re idea.

Right developer or a company will share a complete roadmap and project workflow and delivery process with you even if you don’t have technical ideas.

In Short they will consult and guide you. Then you know you’re on the right track.


It’s not easy to choose the right coding framework, or where to invest your time and money but as a Technical Coder as well as a Ruby on Rails Consultant – I will suggest you to go with Ruby on Rails that is suitable from small to medium-sized and enterprise-level apps.

I will love to hear your views and answer your questions. Place in your comments below.

Andolasoft has been working on Ruby on Rails framework from last seven years and more than 250 Rails projects have been delivered by us with a team of more than 40+ experienced RoR developers.

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