6 Basic & Easy Tips For Never Losing Your SaaS Customers

6 Basic & Easy Tips For Never Losing Your SaaS Customers

6 Basic & Easy Tips For Never Losing Your SaaS Customers

It’s not at all cool to lose customers, especially for your SaaS product. You lose customers; you lose money – that’s how straight it is.

If I speak in the language of SaaS (Software as a Service), we term it as Churn rate. A churn rate can be defined as “the annual percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service at a specific time-period.”


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With lots of research and following SaaS competitor’s activities, you have made your SaaS application for users like me to Sign Up for a particular problem to be solved like a Project Management Tool, Customer Relationship Management Tool, and Helpdesk Management Tool and so on.

You desperately need users like me to sign up to your app and curved with next steps but you are confused that;

  • I am not doing any further actions which can solve both of our problems.
  • Why is my conversion rate not the way I had planned!
  • Why am I getting so much of ‘Cancel Subscription’ request!

The above are some of the most basic questions that come up to your mind to haunt you every single day.

I am sure you made-up everything which is easier for me to go with your offers like free trials, no credit card info, primary sales CTAs, cool videos and graphics but still I am not active on your app and there is no more improvement in users sign up. Why?

Have you ever think is your app or website providing right information which the SaaS users are looking for?

 “Customer success is simple ensuring that your customers achieve their desired outcome through their interaction with your company. That’s it.

Lincoln Murphy – Customer Success Consultant and Keynote Speaker

Drivers of ChurnFigure 1, Courtesy: blog.kissmetrics

After some research and analysis I found some important reasons why SaaS users are not interacting more and how you can you maximise your SaaS growth. Let’s have a look;


Reasons why users might not be interacting with your SaaS platform;

  1. Data Security Matters for everyone:

    When it comes to SaaS and cloud storage many of the SaaS users think the safety of their business data. More than 75% Americans don’t trust on cloud storage and they believe their personal data and files are in risk in the cloud.

    As a SaaS marketing guy, you need to educate them about the security system and make them sure to purchase through right information, easy to understand content and documentation about security, virus, spam, email management and others.

  2. Recurring Pricing Subscription:

    At the initial stage of your SaaS business, some users may not interested to adopt recurring pricing subscription on new products for long-term basis. More than 69% users are not interested in long-term commitment on SaaS plans.

    Offer them simple and comfortable pricing packages with options to cancel the subscription at any moment as they please. Make them aware about the benefits of subscription model.

  3. Don’t have time and Knowledge:

    I am pretty sure not everyone has all the knowledge while adopting a new technology or new stuff and they take some time to adjust to the environment and system – this process kills their time and resource.

    In that situation, you need to give an online demo about your SaaS application features and installation. You need to provide complete documentation about the app. Step-by-step video tutorial and eBooks are more helpful to convey users about your product or app.

Tips to Maximise SaaS Growth:

  1. Be a Master in Successful On-boarding:

    Successful on-boarding is all about communicating new users quickly after understanding what they are looking for in your product and explaining them features (the most vital ones to start with) of your application.

    You also need to monitor your on-boarding, so that you are aware when the user skips some of your features or doesn’t understand the flow.

    Use www.fullstory.com to get to know – how are users travelling inside your application.

  2. Make the signup more professional for that right ‘Prospect’

    You need to make the signup process more professional and generic to maximise the conversion. It should be seamless as much as possible with common mandatory fields like an email id and password, that’s it.

    The most important thing – Keep it dead simple!

  3. Keep Engagement with trial users and Monitor their usage

    Engagement with the customer is a continuous process of SaaS Business to maximise the conversion.

    The user will understand the value of your application. Through, regular communication find out the problems of these potential users and trial users.

    This helps in making the application more user-friendly by fixing bug(s) and this also helps in establishing a better relationship with users. Primarily a long-term ones.

    You have to monitor each and every trial users usage and activities to take proactive action like direct phone call or interaction over email to know the exact reason of their silence.

    There are so many reason for the cancellations but you have to take the initiative first.

  4. Continuous improvement in your application features.

    Improvement in application feature is the most important part for SaaS businesses. When you find that, your SaaS application usage is not as per your expectation and they stay silent, at that moment you will be sure that the feature you have implemented in your app doesn’t meet the user’s requirement

    Users are not getting what they are looking for. So modify or add new features to your app immediately to increase the usage.

    Regular communication with existing customers and trial users also helps in improving the app.

  5. Bring your App Marketplace in front of users

    Marketplace is the online store of your app which enhances the customer experience by allowing users to research the app through useful add-ons and Plugins which the user might be using as of now or in the past – this will give you an edge and the user might try your application for the same benefit.

    With the help of video tutorial, screen shots and customer reviews user can know what exactly the application is and how it can help and solve the issues he might have.

  6. Optimise and promote your app for maximum result.

    When you are expecting more users for your SaaS application, optimisation and online promotion plays a vital role.

    So don’t forget to optimise your app for search engines with keywords which people are searching more with. Make your app and content search engine friendly and start promoting it in online SaaS networks.

    Promote your app on online app listing site and Social Media.

Wrapping it up…


Building SaaS application according to user’s requirement increases the chance of high conversion. Don’t forget the contentious improvement in the features. Providing clear information to visitors and letting them know how exactly your app can solve their problems to maximise the signups will reap you benefits.

Alright guys keep that Sign Up Going Higher Everyday…

Place in your comments below if you have any thing you feel should be added up with the above points I described.

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