How To Promote WordPress Plugin And Themes?

How to Promote WordPress Plugin and themes

In the present situation WordPress has helped many businesses to get success. Large number of people with WordPress are making a living. They use this platform to sell goods and services. The WordPress developers, copywriters and designers, are working more on it to deliver a better and user-friendly website.

Whereas, many other people choose another option of making a living through WordPress. They are selling WordPress in the form of plug-in and themes.

However, developing a website is only the beginning. But getting paid customers is a more difficult task. You need to put more effort and attention into it.

The WordPress developers spend hours creating perfect websites. But your efforts need results, your plugins and themes need to be sold.

Lead Generation Plugin helps to generate the leads. It helps to obtain more contacts that help to visit your website. They can become potential customers as they show interest in services and products that are offered on your website.

Not only is lead generation tool effective but the WordPress theme is equally important for your website growth. When your visitors lands to your website the first things they observe is the theme. It is what creates a first impression to your visitors.

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Promotion methods to sell your Plugins and Themes:

Have you ever wondered how WordPress developers are experts in selling their themes and plugins? Even after you put lots of effort into your development, the result you receive is very less.

“More than 90% of visitors to our blog come from search engines. So, sellers can expect more potential users/buyers of their products when paying for promotions or collaborating with us”

With these highly effective methods, you are definitely going to generate more customers for your WordPress Plugins and themes.

So follow these winning strategies:

Offer a Free Version:

Many people always find ways to try new things. So, if they are not aware of you or you are a new developer, launch your very first theme or Plugin.

So, in such a scenario you can market your product by offering something for free first.

It’s a very effective method that many developers follow and has achieved success with it.

Although the free version doesn’t offer many features, this allows people to try a new model and later buy it to enjoy the overall features.

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Share your plugin to WordPress Repository:

If you have offered a free limited version of the plugin, you can now understand why it is important.

With the lead generation plugin you can manage your marketing process as given in the below image.

Marketing Process(Source: Broadley Speaking)

It is a necessary step, many of your competitors lie on the same page with high reviews and ratings. You are definitely going to get lots of customers and customers for the pro commercial version.

Also, you can place the approved sign on your plug-in website. It is proof that your plug-in will meet all the standards and requirements of the community.

Develop connected Products:

The other way of marketing your product is by developing a connected product. You might need some time and effort to get the particular user requirements. But this method is surely going to pay off.

For example, you can develop connected plugins that work in both ways. It can be downloaded as stand-alone plugins or as add-ons for the main plugin.

Weekly Newsletter:

By creating a Weekly Newsletter for your WordPress Plugin and WordPress themes, you get to create more and more customers into your website.

It is the most beneficial way of promoting your WordPress Plugin and Themes.

Engaging Content for Audience and Search Engine:

When you have already decided to promote your theme and plugin, you need to do some extra work. This means you need to fill out the listing for the WordPress directory. It means the entire tab, people that includes FAQ and screenshot.

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.” – Robert Rose

It also defines how you are making your website full of resources for users. On your website, you need to develop a blog with FAQs, case studies and uses for plugins.

With more helpful content on your website, the more professional look you are providing your website.

When you fill your websites with content you encourage them to visit your site again and again. Take the advantage by sending an occasional communication.

Offer a monthly email newsletter, it’s a better way to be in touch, inform the users about your updates, and provide a forum for feedback.

Content is a better way to make people reach your website and get engaged with your product. It is also a reason how SEO finds you. Create high-quality, engaging, and original articles. You can also allow guest posts and other blogs to get maximum benefits.

Advertise Your Plugins and Themes:

Well, you need to spend some money to bring your target audience to your website. You need to advertise your work. Not every type of advertisement works, but some do, and these are:

  1. Paid submissions: In this form of advertisement you need to pay to place your plugin details on other’s website.
  2. Paid Reviews: In this advertisement form, you need to pay the most popular blog of WordPress to write about your product and they do. This is a professional way where your potential customers read about you and visit your website.
  3. Google AdWords: It is a pay-per-click advertising form. You can achieve good results, but you need to have some experience and knowledge of using it. Or you are going to spend your money and time.

So these are some forms of advertising that you can use to advertise your website. If your plugin varies from others in design, usability, and features, you will automatically get more customers. They will share it and recommend it to other users.

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How to sell your WordPress theme?

To sell your WordPress theme you need to follow these plans:

  • Create a plan
  • Find the right niche for your theme
  • Know your competitors
  • Decide your product price
  • Provide unique design
  • Offer documentation and support
  • Add correct functionality
  • Add plugin to your theme

Can I gain profit by selling WordPress themes?

For many years selling WordPress themes has been a most profitable business.

If you manage to create beautiful, reliable, and stable themes, for which you are sure it will provide great customer support. It is not going to be a burden, these businesses will perform very well.

Where should I sell my plugins?

Here is the list of places that you can use to sell your WordPress themes and Plugins:


So, this is a hell of a lot of information, but you cannot avoid that this is some very important information that is very effective for your growth.

You need to apply these tactics to market your product. However, you need to market WordPress first to grow your products and achieve your business goals.

With these actionable tactics. You are surely going to generate more sales and revenue. Focus on growing your products and adding value to customers.

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How To Promote WordPress Plugin And Themes?
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How To Promote WordPress Plugin And Themes?
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