How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost

WordPress being an open source software is affordable and really value for money.

Are you planning to develop a website for your business? If yes, this blog will help you to decide on the best option available.

Here I’m sharing the details regarding the WordPress website development cost. Also you can get an idea of how to develop a WordPress Website with a minimal cost and avoid overspending.

Since it is free being an Open-Source Software, it gives you the freedom to install it for any kind of website.

Then the question arises, from where does the cost arise?

Here you go, the cost for a WordPress site includes,

  • Buying a Domain
  • Spend for WordPress Hosting
  • Buy Plugins and Extension (Apps), if any
  • Buy ready-made theme/customize designs

The WordPress website can start with as low as $75.


What is required to develop a Website?

For developing a website you need a domain name, a hosting plan, themes and other basic criteria that will help you to develop a better website.

The first thing you need is a domain name. It will be your website address on the internet. This is what your users will enter in the browser to visit your website.

The standard cost of a domain is pretty much affordable. The cost starts as low as $12 for each year for a typical .net, .com, .org and many more.

Next, if you’re planning to develop a self-hosted WordPress website, you need to buy a web hosting plan, which helps you to store your files.

There are various hosting plans available for every kind of website. You need to choose the one that suits best of your requirements and fits to your budget.

In WordPress, you get a wide range of ready-made templates that you can choose for your website.

However, if you want to customize you can purchase a template and deploy a developer to do the customization or go for a Custom WordPress development Company.

There are more than 58k+ free plugins available for WordPress, which provides features like contact form, gallery, etc.

So, it depends on you, whether you want to build a website by just hosting, the domain cost will add up accordingly. But you might need to pay for extra tools and services. It confuses people to find the real cost to develop a WordPress site.

WordPress Website Cost(Source – Sag IPL)

Design and Themes:

WordPress provides various themes available for every user. For some themes you have to pay. These themes are best for beginners, but these themes don’t provide all the necessary features for serious business owners.

WordPress provides a massive library for themes. You need to browse to find what you are looking for. You can make the changes later using the WordPress Plugin. It helps you to find a theme that fits your website.

You need to decide whether you want your website to be a simple one or a professional one.

Also you can filter the search results using these features, layout, and subject related to the vision.

But it is not compulsory to use WordPress’s premade templates. If you want to use another template you can get it from different websites like Template monster.

Also, while choosing a WordPress theme for your website, make sure it’s a mobile-friendly theme.

Most users go for premium themes to get maximum features. Some premium themes come with membership packages that are purchased either annually or for a lifetime that come with a minimum of $57. Some themes have pro upgrade features that start from $54.

However, you can buy themes from a third-party SaaS company like ThemeForest, elegant, etc. It doesn’t integrate automatically with the native plug-in that you want for your website.

The WordPress professionals usually charge depending on the specific task and the work your website needs. For example, a 5 page website (that consists of home, about, contact, blog, pricing) will charge you at a minimum cost of $100 as a one-time price you pay for a basic set-up and design.

Also, if you are adding any custom work to your websites the cost increases. For customization in your website you need to hire WordPress developer.

Sometimes the user doesn’t get satisfied with any of these themes. In such cases, you can take the service of a WordPress Web Developer like Andolasoft to develop your customized theme.

Plugins and Extension:

The WordPress Plugin is the smallest bit of coding that you apply to develop your business website. Some extensions or plugins are free. The premium extensions can run from anywhere and it starts from $100.

By using a plugin to your WordPress your website becomes successful. But you need to install the plugin that is important for your business. The less number of plugins you install the faster your website will run.

How much does a WordPress Website maintenance cost?

A WordPress website maintenance cost depends on the service you chose for your maintenance.

If you are choosing in-house website maintenance, it starts from $25. But if you are choosing freelance website maintenance then it will start from $45.

WordPress Website Maintenance Cost(Source: FixRunner)

Final Calculation:

In the end, the total cost you spend ranges at a minimum cost of $ 25.  The price depends on the things you want to add for your business website. Your website cost depends on the traffic and the speed you want for your website.

WordPress is capable of handling traffic, opt-ins, leads, conversations, and customers. You need to use the right theme and the right plug-ins.

If you want to know how your WordPress website is built, then follow our latest blog: How to develop your WordPress website in 2021?


How much does a WordPress website cost?

The cost of WordPress website depends on the types of features you are adding to your website. However a website will start at a minimum range of $11.

How much time will it take to create a WordPress website?

If you are planning to build a typical brochure website without any advanced function. Then it takes six various page templates. For an advanced custom web design.

Most probably it takes around 25 hours to develop a website with basic features from a dedicated WordPress Developer. You can also develop your WordPress web Application from a professional WordPress Web Application Developer.

Is WordPress premium worth getting?

A lot of advantages are available when you upgrade to WordPress premium. The price tag comes with many additional features.

These features are helpful and with WordPress website development, your website becomes more easy and convenient to use. With Premium you get more support, a lot of themes and more security is available.

What is the difference between WordPress personal and premium?

The WordPress Premium plan also includes hosting. The only difference between the Premium and Personal plan when it comes to hosting, is the Premium plan provides 13 GB space and the personal plan offers only 512mb of storage.


Most top brands use WordPress. By spending some amount will help you build a perfect business website. You can get more traffic and customers.

Choosing a dedicated WordPress development agency is important. A good WordPress development company will definitely guide you in developing the best WordPress website for your business at an affordable price.

With Andolasoft you can develop your own website. Being a WordPress outsourcing service we provide professional developers that help you build your website the way you want it. Contact us to hire dedicated WordPress Developer.

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