Still Using Multiple Apps for Managing your Daily Projects! Time to Change

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Reputation and Goodwill can rise with consistent and effective project management and that’s what we exactly trying to achieve through Orangescrum, every day.

Before I start with the article let me give you examples of two of my very close friends;

Jennie: She works for a big financial institution and doing well. But the biggest problem she faces every single day is in managing her team, knowing her details of every single project, who is responsible for a particular task, what is her freelancer doing and her excel sheets all scattered through in her Inbox.

So in a simple language – she was using spreadsheet, word, manual follow-ups, and a lot more thing and still into so much of problems.

Madines: He is a friend from states and is running his financial consultancy firm really well. The problem with Jennie was his, around a year back. Now, he has found a way to take care of his team, get automated updates, and know who is doing what, having an edge over his freelancers and more importantly having everything sorted out with just one thing.

The answer is ‘Orangescrum’

Simplified Project Management + Tasking + Time Tracking + Invoicing + Resource Management + Document Management + Analytics + Team Chat + Collaboration + almost everything – All are in a single place. 

Managing daily projects and tasks may take more time while impeding the production – depending on multiple apps for team collaboration, might be hampering as well. So, the question is – does using multiple apps for team collaboration and project management still advisable. If you ask me – it’s risky.

So, the time has gone now; customized Project Management Software’s with featured Plugins can improve your lost productivity by 30%.

In my previous article I had describe about the customized Plugins which we have developed for our project collaboration tool built with technology like PHP and CakePHP and today I will tell you “How you can manage these in a single place with its key benefits”.

Let’s have a quick look on the benefits of using a single project management app rather than using multiple apps.

  • Access anytime and anywhere.
  • Unlimited user access
  • Team task tracking
  • Simplified schedule management
  • Task and Resource Management
  • Scheduling Automatic Task
  • Customized templates to save time and Increase productivity
  • User permissions customization
  • Team communication, collaboration and file sharing
  • Centralize data storage and sharing
  • Facilities to integration third party apps
  • Graphical representation of project all details

Orangescrum project management software provides multiple views to get rid of time and resources of projects to increased productivity.

Orangescrum is completely free to download the open source version to use on your premises.

You can also try it free –Try it for 30 days or you can try the Orangescrum On-Premises Demo

Project Management made easy with Orangescrum project collaboration tool to improve your team efficiency.

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