KurrentJobs The Awesome iPhone App To Manage Your Job Search

KurrentJobs The Awesome IPhone App To Manage Your Job Search
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In this era of Industrialization, everyone is planning to build a company of their own and run a successful business.  But they’re going to need skilled employees to get their jobs done.

Job posting websites could really make their search easy, but with all the available job board options, both recruiters and job seekers are getting frustrated in looking for right choices.

Because job seekers can’t find the right choice of companies as per their skills and experience. As well as the recruiters are getting misled by recruiting consultants and end up with the wrong candidates.

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As a solution to above problem, iPhone developers at Andolasoft have designed a simple and secure iPhone app named “kurrentJobs”. It acts as a social media job portal for both recruiters and job seekers. It allows individuals, startups and established companies to post jobs as per their requirements.

Jobs are categorized on the basis of skills, experience and on type of jobs like Full-time, Part-time and Freelance.

With this app recruiters can post or manage their job posts from anywhere and anytime. The app is secure with the integration of social plug-ins like Facebook and Twitter.

The app has provided links to recruiter sites and also integrated LinkedIn to help job seekers to apply for jobs. This app can access network communications and storage content on your mobile devices for easier use.

The app is FREE to download and install on your iPhone, from the Apple App store.


Within a short span of time, Andolasoft has now become one of the major mobile app development companies in USA

We’ve achieved success in developing iPhone apps as we use agile methodologies, innovative work environment supported by creative iPhone developers. For more information about our iPhone and iPad apps please visit iPhone application development page.

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