Christmas Tree Puzzle – A Fun And Relaxing Game At Google Play

Christmas Tree Puzzle – A Fun And Relaxing Game At Google Play
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At Andolasoft, we love creating the best games for android devices. If you are looking for a relaxing game, you would definitely appreciate the Christmas tree puzzle game developed by our android developers. Your kids would like it for sure!

The game consists of many pieces of a Christmas tree, arranged randomly. While starting the game the user has an option for preview how the tree would look like.

The player needs to drag and drop the pieces and try to set it up until the original tree is formed. It includes a ticking timer to display time taken to complete the puzzle, the faster it is complete, better is the score.

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As the app is a puzzle and requires focus to complete the game, hence it helps to develop an attitude to set goals and to complete the task in their real life.

It is challenging and keeps the player amused for hours, so this is the game you would like to play. The app has also proved to be a good stress buster for the players.

The sound effects and the music are also pleasing to ears and not to mention it helps putting the player in a relax mood.

It is a simple app for an android phone, but it surely is a fun game for kids and a stress reliever for you after long hours of work on your job. You can download and install this awesome android app from Google Play.


Andolasoft has been developing fantastic android mobile applications for individuals and from start-ups to established companies. We’ve an excellent team of android app developers providing the most innovative apps as per the requirements. To know more about our cool android apps view the android application development page.

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