What is Offshore Software Development and How to Do it Right?

What is Offshore Software Development and How to Do it Right?

Over the last few decades, the entire world’s technological environment has transformed quite significantly.

And over the years, newer demands have come up in the software development sector, and therefore, companies are coming up with new ways of dealing with it.

One of the common practices that global organizations are getting involved in is the outsourcing of their in-house tasks. And so far, the decision has paid off well for them.


What is offshore software development?

If you don’t know already, offshore software development is the outsourcing of tasks to a third-party software developer(s).

Such a service might include a holistic schedule of web development, web app development, mobile app development, etc. In most cases, the partner company that provides offshore services belongs to a foreign territory.

There are different ways you might want to implement outsourcing:

  • To an individual developer or freelancer
  • To an agency
  • Outsourcing the entire project or allocating only specific parts of the project.
  • Hire a dedicated team of developers that will stay ready to meet your demands whenever you wish.

Freelance developers might be experts in specific or multiple fields. For instance, for the development of a mobile game, you will require a concept artist, 3D developer, 3D model artist, UX/UI designer, motion graphic designer, or all of them simultaneously.

It’s a given that not all people can be experts in everything.

Therefore, it is often a better and much more productive idea to outsource your tasks to agencies rather than hiring individual freelancers.

Onshore, nearshore & more terms

There are many more concepts or terms in practice that are enough to make you confused. One such term in nearshore software development.

Nearshore software development is the same concept as offshore outsourcing.

However, the difference between them is the proximity. A nearshore development company is more likely to be in the same time zone or operating in a neighboring country.

On the other hand, an onshore development company is the one that operates in the same country as you are.

Why is outsourcing the key to entrepreneurial success?

The role of software development outsourcing and their role in helping the business houses feed the ever-growing demands of the corporate world is one of the most important fields of discussion among the leaders across the companies operating around the world.

Today’s global market has shrunk into a smaller economy. And as a result, most companies have to cater to the needs of an audience that is vast enough and much wider than it used to be even a few years ago.

Therefore, you need to adopt certain practices that will help you keep your organizational productivity in top shape without the need to compromise on quality.

But here comes a different worry altogether. When you are working towards the goal of delivering a more widespread service, it becomes mandatory to invest massively in a larger talent pool.

For most organizations, this means more expenses, which they might not be interested in. This is where the role of offshore software development comes to your rescue.

How an offshore software development company helps you achieve business goals?

An offshore software development company will help you in different ways.

In case you are considering the implementation of this specific model for your next project, here is a detailed study that will help answer all your queries.

Larger talent pool

There was a time when all the software development companies had to set up their operational warehouses in multiple locations across the globe.

Later these very companies ended up becoming technological giants with a multinational identity and existence. But then, the world’s economy expanded, and the market became a much smaller place.

Now that newer companies are coming up, they don’t necessarily have the resources to start operating or making use of the global talent pool.

This is why the popularity of offshore development services is rising more than ever.

In today’s economy, outsourcing is an inevitable part of software engineering.

If you want to take on the bigger business houses without facing the risk of elimination from the competition, you have to stay ahead of your peers.

An offshore software development company can help you succeed in achieving your organizational goals.

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