How WordPress Support And Maintenance Services Help Your Business

How WordPress Support And Maintenance Services Helps Your Business
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The Present world focuses more on the digital presence. Therefore your organization’s web presence is as important as its physical presence. Your WordPress website is the main showcase of your business and that should be available all time to engage with users.

So, now the question arises, why do you need website support and Maintenance Services?

Normally user-friendly, quick loading and bug free websites help to generate more revenue compared to buggy websites.

Developing a Website is not enough. You need to keep that active and bug free for smooth online presence and transaction.

WordPress Maintenance Services(Source –

WordPress maintenance and support services help to reduce the time spent on maintaining your websites. You can handle issues such as bugs, spam, and hacks. Maintenance and support services are much needed for a static as well as ecommerce website.

The maintenance services will take care of the mundane tasks that need to be done. Such as theme updates, plugins, website backups, and security checks. All the important tasks that are necessary for a successful online business.


What do WordPress Maintenance and Support services do?

Most of the time the website owners do not focus on maintenance. Maintenance is an important factor for your business website.

If you do not maintain your website you get exposed to many potential problems such as increasing the chances to get hacked, page loading slowness, and reducing the search engine ranking.

As WordPress is a popular website, it is a common target for hackers, bots, and viruses.

According to a report by ZDNet, WordPress accounted for roughly 90% to get hacked among all Content Management systems.

Imagine you found your website contains malware and is unsafe or you found some part of your website disappearing fully.

Do you want a WordPress website but don’t know how to create one? We will install and setup WordPress for you, absolutely free of cost!

Sometimes the hackers take your website under their control. They steal your important information and damage your brand and reputation.

However, you can protect your website from these problems by keeping your website updated.

Keeping the Website Current is the first line of defence:

Your WordPress website should receive several routinely updates and new release each month. This improves the security and performance of your website. To make your website more secure, you need to maintain its core code and the used plugins.

Having a routine update to your WordPress website and all plugins are important. It ensures that your site has the latest security patches. This will significantly reduce the vulnerability to any attacks.

Health and Security of Your WordPress Website:

When you keep your website healthy, you are keeping your attackers away from your website. It also ensures that your site is performing at its highest level.

WordPress Website Maintenance(Source –

Tools like Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools provide you with comprehensive website metrics. It gives an idea of the areas where your site is performing well and which are not.

You can check the stats of your website regularly. This helps you to avoid the problem before it turns bigger.

Some of the common website health problems are excessive site downtime, broken links, and slow-loading pages. Periodical monitoring of these metrics helps to identify the issue before it become bigger.

The other factor that affects website health is website security. Your website size and security precaution will determine your course of action. Many website owners go for various plugin options. Such as

With a well-protected website, you avoid any kind of unnecessary issue that can lead to hacking or poor security.

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Maintaining and optimising your database:

If you are running a busy site that has lots of traffic, regular content updates. Then you need to look after your database.

By regularly maintaining your database cleans your website cobwebs. This helps to improve the loading speeds and decreases the frequency of database errors.

WordPress Plugin that helps to simplify the entire process and this is the simpler way to keep your database clean and update.


Why do you need WordPress Website maintenance?

A WordPress Website needs regular maintenance in various aspects like core plugin updates, WordPress updates, website updates, theme updates, uptime monitoring, security, and more. This helps the website to remain secure, stable, and in good working order like other software.

What do WordPress maintenance and Support service provide?

The WordPress maintenance and support service provides the following functions:

  • WordPress themes, & plugins updates
  • WordPress core
  • Compatibility support
  • Website backup
  • Database and performance optimization
  • WordPress support and many more

How can I get WordPress Maintenance service?

There are several WordPress agencies, who are providing WordPress maintenance and support services with proper process and cost effective price. They have various types of service plans that includes the basic features and activities to make your website smoother and secure. You can choose your plan according to your needs.

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Why should I work with you?

  • High Quality Coding Standards
  • Experience with Diverse Verticals
  • In-time Delivery within Budget
  • Cost Effective Pricing
  • Transparency in Billing
  • One Stop Shop
  • 24/7 support


With regular maintenance of your WordPress Website helps to run smoother and maximises the user engagement. But it’s not an easy task to do. Experienced and dedicated WordPress developers are required to manage all the issues to provide a smoother user experience.

WordPress Development agency like Andolasoft has dedicated and part time WordPress developers to make your work easy. It offers not only website maintenance and support Services but you can also develop new websites for your business.

Are you looking to hire a WordPress developer for your website maintenance service! Contact US

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