How to Overcome From B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges

How to Overcome From B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges

B2B SaaS marketing is always tougher than customer marketing. And we are not saying that marketing to consumers is easy, but it is more traditional.

Still, not selling a physical product already possesses its own challenge and this is not familiar to many people as well. Not to mention, SaaS marketing can be very demanding, where not only growth but also it is more required for a successful business.


What is SaaS Marketing:

Let’s start with the theory of SaaS first. SaaS or Software as a Service provides users the ability to connect and use the cloud-based application via the internet.

Basically, users or business customers hire this kind of application for their business.

On the other hand, you can hire this kind of application for your business, so your user can get connected over the internet.

And SaaS marketing is simply the process to market this kind of application.

If your company offers software as a service to other businesses, there are several targeted marketing strategies you can use to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

If you are a SaaS vendor, you must adopt the latest marketing strategies to archive more customers and high conversions.

So how do you get started with SaaS marketing?

Still, before getting started the SaaS Marketing process you may face several challenges.

Challenges of SaaS Marketing:

SaaS is a logical product. And the mindset of its customers is always different than other targeted customers.

The decision of purchasing a SaaS product would be more logical than emotional, pricing and compatibility like factor must take some part as well.

And the purchasing decision does not lie on a single person.

So, having these facts the challenges become more complicated when it comes to SaaS marketing.

Logically, marketers may have dealt with many physical products but in SaaS is not having any physical presence.

Other Major Challenges in SaaS Marketing:

Demand and SaaS offerings are always changing. The constant update and release of new features can make your marketing strategies chaotic before your previous strategy would make any significant impact.

  • Customers are not aware of the use of your SaaS product. So, your marketing strategy and content needs to detail educational
  • You need to bring together the SaaS B2B customers and your sales cycle.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd
  • Build a loyal customer Database
  • Targeting your audience
  • Dealing with constant changes

SaaS Marketing Strategy:

Statista data shows – “the total size of the SaaS market has increased to $116 billion in 2019 from $105 billion in just one year. And it is expected to cross $135 billion in 2020.”

So, as a SaaS vendor, you must take a deep dive into marketing.

Before jumping into SaaS marketing, you need to learn about the customer journey first. And can prepare your marketing strategy by following the respected journey stages.

The customer journey may consist of the following stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

SaaS Customer JourneyImage Source: Singlegrain[.]com

Actually, there are countless marketing strategies available to produce maximum results. With a mixed knowledge, I have listed some (would be) impactful SaaS marketing results.

  • Define your goals

The countless effort without the right directions is totally meaningless. To define a clear and achievable goal is the first step to do for successful SaaS marketing.

    • The goals must be specific and tractable by assigning KPIs and key metrics.
    • Figure your overall business
    • Figure how marketing and sales team can align to achieve the goals

The goal must be realistic. The bigger goal is always hard to achieve. So break down the bigger goals to smaller with realistic milestones.

  • Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing methodology has four phases;

    • Backup your step
    • Evaluate how to create an inbound strategy
    • Define your buyers’ personas
    • Illustrating key traits of the buyers

And the very next step is to create content for them and address their issues and help them by solving those problems.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important strategy for any business including SaaS marketing as well. You may look at some of the biggest players of the SaaS market; strong content marketing is their key factor.

The content marketing methodology has encompassed two things:

    • Letting your audience know the use of your product
    • Establish your position at the related industry

You can extend your approach to social media platforms to provide the same information as well.

Existence, trust, and credibility are an important part of assets in the SaaS niche. And you can prove your existence by spreading the voluble information through content marketing.

  • Giving Users Free Trial

To encourage new customers and let them experience the actual benefits of your SaaS products, a free giving period is the best tactic to focus on.

And alternatively, it can be used for the lead generation as well!

This doesn’t mean you should go blindly without any strategy here;

Optimizing the conversion rate within the free-trial period should be the focus of any SaaS marketer, and this will also mean one other thing: your product must be good.

Through the free trial period, you would have the chance to showcase your customer service excellence.

  • User Engagement

And the last not the least Customer engagement is a goal that must stretch across teams and metrics.

It can be performed at a high level, as the knowledge and tap points of a customer for your product, company, or brand.

It is the relationship between your company and your customers and is closely related to customer loyalty and retention.

The better user experience can make a bold relationship between your SaaS product and customers and closely related to the customer success stories and retention.

The customer experience can be broken down into different stages and can be developed, and implemented separately. Like;

    • Short Signup process
    • Send the users through an onboarding sequence
    • In-App Chat Feature
    • Offer Free Training or Free Demo
    • Develop and link tutorial Videos to engage
    • Get Feedback for improvement

Warping words

SaaS marketing is different from other product marketing. If you follow the right path and strategies then you can easily gain success for your SaaS product in a short period.

And must make it a point to find regular feedback from your loyal customers and instantly try to improve the customer service.

Also, throughout the marketing methodology focus on retaining the customers as this can be a game-changer in your overall profits.

Happy SaaS marketing!

Planning to launch your own SaaS product? Let’s discuss!

How to Overcome From B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges
Article Name
How to Overcome From B2B SaaS Marketing Challenges
Let's have a deep dive on the SaaS marketing challenges and what are the strategies can help you to make your marketing process successful.
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