How To Put Together a Top-Tier SaaS Marketing Strategy

How To Put Together a Top-Tier SaaS Marketing Strategy

How To Put Together a Top-Tier SaaS Marketing Strategy

According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, by 2021, SaaS will deliver 75 % of cloud workflows.​ Isn’t it amazing? This data depicts the growing pace of the SaaS business model and the competition created by it in the industry. SaaS companies are finding it very difficult to stand out in the industry by providing products and services distinct from their competitors.

Well, for this reason, we have come up with top-tier SaaS marketing strategies to help companies lead the competition.

SaaS marketing is more complicated than product marketing since you don’t have a tangible product to offer. Yes, it is more difficult to tell someone that your software can help them in their daily process than selling a pair of shoes.


What is SaaS marketing?

SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing refers to the strategies implemented to promote software-as-a-service companies. SaaS marketing is exclusively unusual from promoting physical products since it has a varied customer base, distinct pricing strategies, complexity in their offerings, etc.

Since SaaS marketing is distinctive, marketers should use distinct strategies for promotion.

SaaS Marketing Strategies to Improve Conversions

Let us know a few considerations, to begin with efficiently promoting SaaS businesses. Explore available opportunities and see your brand stand out in a fierce competition.

#1. Using trials to lure customers

Focusing on customer acquisition is significant, and the best way to do this is by offering free trials to incentivize customers to sign up and begin using your offerings. Keep your sign-up process simple and don’t have the customers go through the pain of filling lengthy forms to get your product in their hands.

This is a promising way to let people know about the benefits your products offer. This helps them take the initial step to start using your product. After making the customers realize how valuable your product is, you can easily persuade them to continue with the paid plan.

The goal is to convince more people to make a purchase. Ensure that you offer a free plan for a considerable period to make them comprehend the integrity of your product.

#2. Enhance Customer Experience

SaaS Strategy

Among all the crucial SaaS marketing strategies, this is advocated by the experts as most essential. Assure that your services are personalized to the extent possible to deliver outstanding customer experience.

Just as companies send a welcome email the moment, a new customer completes the sign-up procedure. You can consider sending reminder emails to the customers who were active once but are now slowly dropping.

Integrating a live chat option on the website is a great way to interact with your customers and solve their queries on the fly. This way, you can help them navigate through your site better and find answers to their queries at the earliest.

#3. Get featured on SaaS review sites to get more exposure

People contemplate looking at customer reviews and product ratings before deciding to purchase a product. This step is crucial to buy softwares since there are no tangible products, and people check comparable products available and read reviews before they make a verdict.

Getting featured on review sites, you can get more industry exposure for your offering. Search for the best review sites available in your country or field. A few websites make comparisons between varied products offered.

#4. Display the price aptly

A vital aspect of the SaaS marketing strategy is to display the price of your product clearly. Consider including a pricing page on your company’s website and portray every detail in such a way so that consumers can quickly decide whether or not they can afford your product.

For instance, have a look at one of the popular SaaS provider Vimeo. They have clearly mentioned their varied pricing plans for their potential customers. It helps them make an informed choice about their spending.

#5 Limit the choices offered

With too many choices offers, your customers can get confuse as to buy which one. It can also result in them abandoning a purchase. Make two to three variations of your plans to avoid confusion.

While mentioning different plans include their features and respective prices as well. This way, customers can quickly decide which plan will fulfill their needs better. Your pricing page should consist of the characteristics of every plan offered.

#6. SEO stays on top for Lead Generation

SEO is the best strategy to generate the right amount of leads for a SaaS company. Content Marketing and SEO goes hand in hand to increase traffic on your website and, at the same time, make your website visible to the target audience.

Search rankings of your website will increase by using on-page SEO techniques, and it also ensures that it is visible to the customers when they make a search query related to your business. SEO also helps to get good quality backlinks and drive referral traffic effectively to your website.

#7. Rewarding Customers for Referrals

Rewarding Customers for Referrals

When it comes to generating leads, another proven marketing strategy that works for SaaS companies is Referral Marketing. Referrals are cited as a critical source of lead generation by maximum B2B marketers.

If you want this strategy to work for your business, then you will have to make your company referral-worthy. It is done by offering incentives to the customers who refer your product to other people in their circle.

Running a loyalty program to offer rewards for referrals works well, or you can choose to provide incentives in some different ways to your customers who refer to your business in several ways.

Let us take an example of Dropbox, which offers extra storage of 16GB for referring each friend.

The Bottom Line

These worthwhile SaaS marketing strategies, if leveraged, will enhance customer acquisition and lead generation for SaaS businesses. Diverse offers avenues that marketers can explore to serve as beneficial SaaS marketing strategies, and there are endless possible combinations that work for numerous businesses.

All you have to do is to try different approaches, and with the help of consumer metrics, figure out what works. SaaS marketing is a paradise for marketers.

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