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Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, provided by AWS provides IT infrastructure services including Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store(EBS), Simple Storage Service(S3), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Relational Database Service (RDS), SimpleDB, Auto Scaling, Route53, CloudFront, CloudWatch, ElastiCache and Elastic MapReduce(EMR).

Andolasoft is an accredited Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services.

Benefits of AWS

Service Commitment

AWS’s standard service-level agreement (SLA) guarantees commercially reasonable efforts to produce Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS monthly uptime percentages of at least 99.95%

Fault Tolerance & Latency

Amazon EC2 is extremely flexible in enabling users to scale across servers and Users can implement an EBS-optimized EC2 instance for better I/O performance and almost nonexistent latency.

Availability Zones

EC2 also comprises geographic regions and isolated locations known as availability zones. It’s quite straightforward that resources geographically close to the client are served faster.

Elastic Service

AWS is a pay-as-you-go cloud platform where users can select the CPU, memory, storage, network capacity & additional software needed to run a virtual computing environment, or instance.


You have complete control over the visibility of your AWS systems. The AWS EC2 security systems allow you to place running instances into groups of your choice.


Amazon EC2 allows companies to pay only for the computing resources and capacity they use. Pricing can be based on clock hours of server time.

Why Choose Andolasoft ?

  • We are an accredited AWS Managed Services Provider.
  • Reduced Risk using experienced consultants.
  • We have a huge team of experienced and skilled aws experts.
  • Deployment and Operations mentoring
  • We have years of experience providing Support and Maintenance to the demanding enterprise customers.

  • Focus on where we provide most value.
  • We are having expertise on Application Migration.
  • Effective post implementation support.
  • Our cloud services are available to create cross-over solutions that combine AWS with private clouds, dedicated servers, and collocated equipment.

Technical Expertise

EC2      |      EBS      |      RDS      |      S3     |      Cloudfront      |     CloudWatch      |     Elastic MapReduce.

What We Do

  • New EC2 instance creation with selected OS & security key
  • Amazon RDS creation with configuration
  • Instance reservation to minimize the monthly bill
  • Auto scaling implementation with load balancer
  • Creation of security group with ports allowed
  • Amazon SimpleDB creation and configuration setup
  • Amazon S3 bucket ,Cloudfront service ,Route53 ,SNS ,SES setup & configuration
  • Amazon Cloudwatch service setup & configuration to monitor operational and performance metrics
  • Apache installation & configuration setup
  • Nginx server installation and configuration setup
  • Configuring Puma & Nginx to run the application
  • ElasticSearch & Apache Solr installation with configuration
  • Nagios installation and configuration to monitor application performances.
  • Ruby installation through RVM
  • PHP/CakePHP installation & environment setup
  • PostgreSQL , MySQL , Redis installation with configuration setup

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