Why PHP Web Development Is Top Priority For Developers

PHP Development

Any company that wants to succeed must maintain a robust digital presence because the world is more digitally connected than ever. And, it is not possible to create a strong brand image without a good website.

PHP Programming  language is a server side language. Whenever a new programming language is developed the demand for PHP comes to an end. It is true that the PHP language does not remain on the top list of top programming languages, from 5th position in 2017 to 8th position to 2020 as per a survey by Stack Overflow annual developer.

Also PHP continues to be used for 80% of all websites. However, it is the best language for website development.

PHP Market Position

To meet this end, businesses hire web development services. Many technologies are being used in developing websites today. A lot of developers prefer to use PHP website development because it offers numerous benefits.


Why PHP is used in web development?

PHP allows developers to create dynamic and interactive websites. PHP is a server-side scripting language used for developing fast and reliable websites and web apps. 

The following are the reasons why developers prefer PHP for web development.

Time to Development

When adopting any technology for web development, the cost and development time are the important considerations to make the right choice. Thus cutting down on the cost and development time is on priority to make an informed decision.

Failure in this aspect is the key reason for project delays in schedules. To cut down on development time, developers choose specific technologies like PHP that enable them to work efficiently and deliver top-notch solutions.

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PHP gives an edge in web development for particular areas. 

PHP Frameworks

Many PHP frameworks are there to build feature-rich and complex web applications. Laravel, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter are some of the top PHP web development frameworks. Developers use these frameworks to build top-notch websites or web applications for their clients in a simple way. These frameworks follow MVC (Model, View, Controller) approach that simplifies the coding process.

With this approach, the presentation layer is separated from the business logic. Consequently, the web development process is faster and streamlined. Hence, when it comes to speeding up the development process, PHP web development services provide many advantages. 


With the use of PHP you can get many benefits one such benefit is that the platform is independent, which means it can be used on Mac OS, Linux, Windows and supports other web servers.

This feature makes the use of PHP easy to deploy on various systems and platforms with some additional cost

Easy to Learn

Another thing responsible for making the PHP language attractive to developers is that it is easy to learn. It does not require a large number of learning materials or reference resources to get proficient in this language.

With some moderate efforts, developers can get a good hang of it and create the desired solutions for clients. So, the ease of learning and usage has also made it a popular technology for developers worldwide.

Developers accustomed to other programming languages may find learning PHP easier than they think. It is the reason why PHP developers are in high demand. 

Open-source Technology

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language. The open-source nature of this technology makes it a sought-after solution for various projects.

Being an open-source tech, it is available for free and can be used for a dynamic range of web development projects. PHP developers are available easily, and a business can hire PHP developer to create unmatched solutions.

PHP’s open-source implementation is unparalleled to other similar languages. Since it is available for free, it is accessible to many companies and individuals who would not otherwise consider using any different language. For many people, PHP is the most widely used general-purpose language. 

Support & Community

It is always wise to choose a web development technology that comes with a community to help grow and address issues. So, the technologies with more wikis, tutorials, and active forums are more popular than those without these kinds of support.

PHP has a large community that is actively involved in the growth of this language as well as addressing the issues of existing or new users. With this robust support system, developers find PHP a beneficial solution for any website development project.

Community support is quite beneficial in development, maintenance, and keeping the web solution up and running. 

Cost-effective Technology

When people think about why PHP is a priority for many developers for web development, they should also think about the cost. PHP is open-source and free, making it an attractive choice for many businesses to develop their web solutions.

PHP solutions are affordable, and you can even choose low-budget PHP developers for creating a decent web solution. Not only many affordable web solutions are available, but also there are many open-source alternatives. 

Fast and Secure: 

As every organization needs their website or application to be secured and safe. But with the use of PHP in web development, you can save lots of space. As the PHP uses it’s own memory and competes well with the speed, especially with the newer version.

PHP is not inherently less or more secure than other programming languages. One such advantage of PHP is that because of its widespread use and community support, there aren’t many tools, frameworks and best practices that help to fix the vulnerabilities and protest any cyber-attacks.

Support for multiple files types and databases

PHP is handy for using different types of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and more. It offers POD (PHP Data Object) that provides a simple way to connect with various databases and work with them.

Apart from this, it also supports XML besides HTML, JavaScript, and many other file types that unlock a lot of potential for developers to create more than web solutions. 

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Wrapping up!

As the world is becoming more digitalized, the need of the hour for every business is to set up their online presence to stay competitive and keep growing. When it comes to creating a website, choosing the right technology is very crucial.

PHP is one of the topmost web development technologies that has been used in developing numerous web solutions for a long time. Many developers prefer PHP because of the multiple benefits and features it offers.

Hiring a PHP website development company is also easy because there are plenty of these companies. 

Looking forward to developing your website choose Andolasoft to develop your PHP website from our professional PHP developer.

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language. The open-source nature of this technology makes it a sought-after solution for various projects.

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