How to Use Stack View in Android

How to Use Stack View in Android

Stack View

What is Stack View?
It’s a simple class that allows you to layout views in either a column or a row. What makes it powerful is that it applies Auto Layout to the views without you having to add the constraints. The attached layout of all sub views are managed based on developer defined properties such as axis, distribution, alignment and spacing.

1.   Syntax of Stack View

    android:height="" >
        animateLayoutChanges="true" or “false”
        height="" >        

2.   How to Create one
This functionality depends upon Last in-First out or First in-Last out data structure activities, which means if we open the 1st, 2nd & 3rd views respectively, the 3rd one will be in front and other two will run in the background.

A click on the back button destroys the 3rd view & 2nd one resumes. Similarly, another click on the back button destroys the 2nd view and 1st one comes into play. It’s known as “Back Stack” operation in the world of Android.

Steps to Create a Sample App for Stack View:

  • Copy some images to the drawable folder.
  • Create a model class where we can manipulate the values.
  • This view has a Default property named ‘animationLayoutChanges’; If true, we can put animation in the layout.
  • Interface the design for StackItem.
  • Adapter class is required to return the view for each item.

Have you used Stack View in Android before? Share your experiences at ““.

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