Top 6 Factors to Consider Before Cloud Storage

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cloudCloud storage has become an essential part of every business organization. Data stored in local computers are extremely important of businesses, so it is necessary to take back up on a regular basis. It offers enough space for storing all the files at a highly secure location.

Having all the critical data contained in a remote server outside the local system, it ensures that all the data is safe even if the hard-drive gets crashed. It doesn’t require any additional remote administration.

There are a number of cloud storage services like AWS (S3, Glacier), Rackspace (Cloud Files), Google (Google Drive), Microsoft (SkyDrive) etc. But before choosing any cloud service, there are several important aspects to look at. Here are some of the major factors to consider for choosing any cloud service.

      1. Security:

Security is one of the major factors to consider when getting into cloud storage. Select a service provider who will handle the information with discretion. Check that the service provider includes a minimum of 256-bit encryption for data protection.

      2. Block level back up:

A cloud backup solution with block level back up technology should be used. This technology splits huge files into smaller ones and facilitates users to modify them. This in turn saves time and bandwidth.

      3. Customers support:

Some of the customer support services should also be kept into consideration. Like, the user must have access to files, almost immediately when needed. User could reach the vendor through email or telephone for assistance. The service must be offered for 24/7 throughout the year. The service provider must be offering customer reviews to prove the quality of the cloud service.

      4. Restore options:

The vendor must have multiple restore options for restoration of deleted files and even restoring from original files. Restore options must include both mobile devices and web interfaces .It should have the ability to restore data to its original storage location.

      5. Speed:

The online backup service should use disk de-fragmentation technology for faster storage. A slow back up service can decrease the level of productivity largely.

      6. Cost:

The cost of a cloud storage service is another important aspect that should be checked in detail. Numerous cloud vendors who are providing similar services with varying cost. All the vendors should be compared based on their pricing, to choose the right option. It should also be checked that there are no hidden fees before proceeding to the payments.

Getting acquainted with cloud technology can be troublesome. At Andolasoft we are specialized in providing Cloud Computing Services to our customers. Here we have a huge team of skilled personnel to provide monitoring and support services for 24×7 across the world.

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