Tools to Make Your Development Team More Productive

Tools to Make Your Development Team More Productive

Productivity is something that every software development team struggles to optimize. The good news is that there are many different tools available that can help to improve your productivity and efficiency.

With the new era of technology, many new resources have become available that can take advantage of automation.

You can theoretically build a workflow pipeline that is completely automated from the point that you write your code and deploy it into your software with an update.

It can be hard to imagine the full development potential that can be achieved when using advanced tools to optimize your productivity.

By conducting the appropriate research and making the appropriate preparation for your development team’s workflow, you can also take advantage of these incredible tools that rely on the latest technology.


Hosted CI/CD from Semaphore CI

Semaphore has an excellent CI/CD tool that is specifically designed to enhance automation and productivity.

With enhanced performance and more customization than ever before, it’s hard to argue with Semaphore’s claims of being an industry leader.

You may double your development potential when using the Semaphore CI/CD utility because it allows you to take advantage of high-quality features that have specifically been developed to optimize code deployment and automation.

Program your pipelines and scale as needed for the flexibility that you require.

One of the great things about this utility is the fact that it is so customizable. Very few tools are as flexible as Semaphore’s CI/CD tool and you can easily improve your DevOps workflow and utilize any language or platform that you require.

There are very few limitations and that alone should be enough to improve your development productivity by a significant margin.

One of the best ways to use the Semaphore CI/CD tool is to set up an automated multi-stage release pipeline that ensures that all of your build updates are of the highest quality.

The last thing that anybody wants to do is deploy faulty code with errors or glitches. By using the Semaphore CI/CD utility, you can improve productivity and efficiency, without sacrificing any quality in your builds.

Improve Your Development Workflow with Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a project collaboration tool with having scheduling utility that can be used by large development teams to organize a list of agenda items that need to be completed within a certain timeframe.

This has got to be one of the best resources available for software developers right now because it is designed to be organized and efficient.

One of the reasons that Orangescrum is so convenient is because it updates in real-time and can even provide instant notifications to members of your development team.

If you want to meet your pre-defined deadline, simply integrate them into Orangescrum and allow your development team to plan their work accordingly.

You will likely notice a much more organized workflow with a clear agenda that remains in focus at all times.

In many cases, other resources fail to provide the functionality that is required to remain productive, efficient, and organized.

Those are three of the most important factors during the development process and by having a tool like Orangescrum to support those concepts, you will likely notice a major improvement in development productivity and efficiency.

Take Advantage of Video Conferencing Software

Real-time communication has never been more important in the world of software development and there are now many different ways to take advantage of video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom to enhance productivity.

Video ConferencingSource: Pixels

Development teams that work remotely may not be able to communicate effectively without video conferencing software.

Communicating with emails or text messages can work, but it’s hard to transfer large amounts of information without actually hearing somebody speak.

Video conferencing software may not be the best solution for every development team, but it’s a fantastic piece of technology to utilize if communication or productivity is lacking in your development workflow.

If most of your development team is working remotely for one reason or another, it’s probably not a bad idea to take advantage of video conferencing software to serve as a communication channel between members of your development team.

You will likely notice an immediate increase in efficiency, communication, and overall productivity for your project.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts
Source: Pixels

You have now had the opportunity to learn about three excellent resources that can be used to improve the development productivity in your workflow.

These tools focus on automation, communication, and organization.

All three of these factors are extremely important and you should absolutely weigh them into your consideration before making a final decision.

Some of the resources may not be right for your specific situation and that’s perfectly fine as long as you understand the types of benefits that you may be sacrificing.

You might already have a system in place to address those potential concerns.

With that being said, there’s no doubt that automated CI/CD pipeline integration from Semaphore CI is absolutely exceptional for automated build deployments.

The ability to take advantage of automation is going to improve your productivity significantly.

Video conferencing software and an organizational tool like Orangescrum may be able to help your workflow in slightly different ways.

There’s obviously a good chance that you may already be using video conferencing software or a planning system like Orangescrum.

You should take a significant amount of time to research different tools that are not listed here as well because there are many great productivity tools that can help to make your workflow more efficient and simplified.


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