Strategy That Makes Enterprise Mobile App Development Easy

Strategy That Makes Enterprise Mobile App Development Easy

Strategy That Makes Enterprise Mobile App Development Easy

Both mobile app and mobile app development is growing like wildfire with huge business and personal requirement to look forward to.

Thorsten Heins

According to eMarketer report, in 2017 there were around 4.55 billion mobile users, with 1.75 billion mobile internet users worldwide.

The opportunity level is much higher and you would be able to reach your target audience. Both startups and enterprises are rushing to mobile app development to reach to their segment of users.

“Over 40 million US internet users will go online exclusively via mobile device in 2017. That number will reach 52.3 million by 2021, as people continue to drift from desktop/laptops to mobile devices for internet access.”

US Internet User by Device


American adults are expected to spend on an average 3 hours and 23 minutes on non-voice mobile media in 2018.

Average Time Spent

Users are spending 90% of their time in Mobile Apps alone.

User Time Spent on Mobile Apps

Both play store and app store are loaded with millions of amazingly featured mobile apps. You can find more than 2.8 million apps in play store and 2.2 million apps in App store.

Smartphone Users

(Source Statista and TUNE)

App Downloads

(Source Statista and TUNE)

With the growth of mobile use and app downloads, mobile app revenue has also grown up.

Even in the black Fridays mobile apps are generating revenues, In 2015 – global mobile app revenue was about $70 billion; in 2016 this number reached $88 billion and 2020 the expected mobile app revenue is expected to cross $180+ billion. That’s big.

Let’s have a look

Global Mobile App Revenue



“Mobile apps are becoming the primary way that users across all demographics access and activate content, services, commerce, and critical business applications. This turns up the pressure on organizations to anchor business applications on mobile platforms. It’s clear that enterprises no longer consider mobility the laPeggy Annest step toward implementing a business application.”

Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst, MobileGroove



Mobile App’s must be formulated, well thought over and built to reach a wider customer base and should be friendlier in mobility.

Because users are not always same and they do not always stick to use the same device and same connection.

Mobility application with Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) development cycle can solve the enterprise level problems.

So now question might come to your mind that –“Is your developer adopting the MEAP rules with mobility technology to develop your enterprise mobile app?”

Here are the basic rules;

  • Must be compatible with different mobile applications
  • Must be compatible with different mobile operating systems
  • Compatible to integrate with different back-end data sources

Enterprise mobile app helps you to be connected and updated with your team or working networks. Data can be accessed anytime through your mobile device and allow your team or employees to access date through their personal devices instead of providing them company smart phone.

Personal devices can safely and easily manage enterprise mobile apps and this is cost effective for company and not to invest more in smart phones, laptops etc.

So, are you looking to develop enterprise mobile app for your business?

The idea is not bad to go for an enterprise mobile app but you need to adopt the right strategy to get the things done in the right way. You need experienced team or dedicated developers with high level of security for development.

At Andolasoft we have delivered some of the most awesome mobile apps by utilizing our experience and knowledge with most comprehensive enterprise mobile app strategy to simplify your entire business process.

Andolasoft Mobile App Devlopment Process

Our objective is to provide mobility solutions which not only save your money but also save your time.

Let’s have a look at the – Strategies for enterprise mobile app development


1. Annalise your Product or Service Matrices:

Before taking any decision, you need to analyze your user and customer behavior towards your product and how they are responding to it.

You need to deep-dive to your mobile users and if you are a SaaS application development company, analyze how your product is used by various devices, operating system and the usage part, and from where users are churning out.

2. Develop a baseline standard

Once you have mindset for the development after knowing the necessity of an app, you need to prepare a standard baseline against your planning. This will tell you the future of your app development process.

You don’t know what is hot in the market right now and what will be the next future. So, time to do some research on how industry is moving.

I am sure; this will surely help you to prepare a standard baseline for your app.

3. Prepare complete Roadmap

Roadmap gives you a clear vision with various steps and processes to reach your goal. Technologies are changing day by day and people prefer to get acquainted with smart features.

Your present app features may not come to picture in next two years or the features might have become obsolete.

This also helps your mobile app developer to make sure plan-out and put algorithms that are flexible enough and can quickly adapt to new features in new devices.

Roadmap can also show you the approximate resources, their skill you need and the development time that would be required at the very said time.

4. Collect Feedback

Gathering feedback from users and your customer about your product, always helps to develop a better app according to the need.

The smart way of gathering feedback is, inviting your existing customer to use your product at each step of your development process. They will love to use it and will let you know there feedback on your product.

5. Start Communication to Build Foundation

Mobile trends are changing each week.

You need to very closely monitor your user’s activity and all your matrices. This creates opportunity for a direct communication with your users. To keep connected them with your app, ask their problems, what their difficulties are, what they are thinking about your app and what new feature will help them to manage their jobs etc., better.

Collecting info in regular basis can deploy your flexible code to latest features helping you to scale.


Development of enterprise mobile app is not easy for everyone.

It needs solid experience and knowledge to catch ‘n’ understands the exact requirement and guiding the app development according to it.

It’s not very easy to gather information or feedback for newly launched products.

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