Nexus 7: A Stepping Stone for Google Androids

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Nexus 7, an android tablet and the first tablet in the Nexus Series has been launched on June, 2012 at the Google I/O conference. Google has developed the tablet in association with ASUS to give competition to similar devices developed by Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Blackberry. The tablet is available to buyers through Google Play and taking orders for mid-July deliveries. The Nexus7 costs around $199 which is same as compared to Kindle Fire from Amazon or Nook Tablet from Barnes and Nobles.

As compared to the price, the tablet has got a lot of functionality to look for and as it is customizable, so it would give an edge to the developers. As of now android developers were developing apps for android phones and tablets like Galaxy, which are less of a competitor to iPad. But with launch of Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean as the new upgraded OS, Android application development industries would have the edge to develop apps for the real android brand Google with an android tablet users base. With great craftsmanship, the Nexus 7 has been designed well with a good front end which doesn’t hold to finger prints unlike iPad. The back side of the tablet is made up of rubber and nicely textured giving you feel of leather. It helps you to hold it in hand without any discomfort and it is much lighter as compared to Fire or Nook.

Nexus 7 has got a low resolution camera facing the user and can be used for video conferencing, but it doesn’t have a rear camera. What Asus explained to not having a rear camera in Nexus 7 is that including the rear camera in the tablet would increase the price point and also it lies unused after sometime. Nexus 7 is thinner, sleek and has got higher resolution compare to its competitors. It also has a microphone for audio conferencing which you will not find in Kindle Fire. Most importantly Nexus runs on Jelly Bean, the latest Android platform, having access to wide variety of apps around the web. Features like Google Play, Google Now and Voice Search makes you entertained all day long.

On hardware upgrades it has Bluetooth and GPS chips to help with data transfer and navigation respectively. The Home Screen is much more dynamic and customizable as compared to iPad. The performance of Nexus 7 is much faster with the help of feature Project Butter and the transitions among applications is lot easier. Nexus 7 has all the best features to beat its prey competitors on the battleground and it will surely be a stepping stone for Google in tablet development.

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