9 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into WordPress

9 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into Wordpress

The traditional websites are still using HTML for a long time. However, for the ease of content management by the website owner, the WordPress is most popular among many CMS and is ongoing in the present trend. Whether common or individual, the JavaScript functions on each page to be written in HTML websites. However, these constraints are overcome after switching to WordPress.

Let me share some interesting facts about WordPress:

WordPress is an open source platform to develop websites and applications. WordPress has been used in more than 26% on the web as per their official site with more than 409 million viewers and more than 15.5 billion pages each month. Users are publishing about 41.7 million new posts and post 60.5 million new comments each month.

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Static HTML websites can be converted to dynamic websites with additional features.


Are you thinking to switch your website platform?


WordPress is the dynamic and most widely used CMS platform for website, app and blog development for small and medium businesses. With the help of user-friendly UI/UX, it allows the webmasters or publishers to create, edit, manage and publish contents on their websites without programming knowledge, unless and until you change the design, end users or visitors will be not able to feel the changeover.  It leads with the largest market share amongst other CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal etc.

Reasons Why Go With WordPress


1. Development And Customization Is Easy

It provides a powerful CMS platform to developers to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL for front end and back end developments. To make the platform wider some RESTful APIs can be integrated to make WordPress development and debugging easy. So you need not have to contact the web designer each time while updating pictures and content. Comparing to HTML websites it’s very easy to manage pages and posts.

2. Free Open Source And Dynamic CMS

WordPress has an extensive marketplace of free themes and Plugins and you can customize themes as it is an open source. It has a vibrant community to troubleshoot any problems at the time of development. Through the community, developers can get new releases, updates and current happenings in WordPress.

WordPress websites are easy to create, update as well as manage with lots of embedded functions in platform to make dynamic websites.

3. Website Speed Optimization

There is a lot of WordPress performance optimization Plugins which are available in the marketplace like WP super cache, WP total cache etc. Using these Plugins, the website speed can be optimized by minifying JavaScript and CSS, enabling browser cache, object cache, database cache etc…

4. Mobile Optimization Made Easy

In the mobile era, you may lose potential mobile visitors if you will not optimize your website for mobile. Mobile responsive for static websites are time consuming and expensive. With WordPress platform mobile optimization is easy and themes can be deployed quickly with WP Touch Plugins.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Search engine is optimization is the way to bring relevant traffic to website. WordPress core files and coding are structured in a search engine friendly way. Also it has some free Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, and others to make website SEO friendly. Website Meta elements like title, description, sitemap creation etc… can be generated easily using these SEO Plugins.

6. Maintain Consistency In Design

WordPress has templates for the inner pages like services, blog, and contact pages to keep the whole website looks uniform and consistent. You don’t have to guide your developer in regular basis to keep all pages unique.

7. Capability  Of Multi-Users

Capability of multi user is the additional feature available in WordPress compare to the simple HTML website. It allows users to do specific job or task like user can be an author to publish and manage content, user can be an editor and subscriber also. User can also manage their profile to get subscription in updates.

8. Custom Plugins

Adding functionality to your website or application is very easy in WordPress with Plugins. There are thousands of Plugins out of which just one click will take you to install and activate method to manage your functionality like calendars, live chats, social media, analytics etc. You can add/remove your website Plugins without any hassle.

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9. Minimize Time, Money And Resource

Because of its easy and user-friendly interface, anyone can set it up and manage without problems. Plugins are there to manage the functionality of website. It helps in saving time, money and resource of your business.


With the various types of functionality and benefits available for converting from simple HTML to WordPress platform which will definitely help small and medium businesses owners. Dynamic WordPress website is the better option to meet the ever changing competitive market to grow your business as it is light weight and user-friendly as compared to other CMS platforms.

Hope the above information is adequate enough for explaining and converting your simple HTML website to WordPress.

You’re most welcome to share your thoughts with comments…

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9 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into Wordpress
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9 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into Wordpress
WordPress is an open source platform to develop websites and static HTML websites can be converted to dynamic with additional features
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