How to cut down Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing?

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Amazon_S3_online_servicesAndolasoft is specialized in providing Cloud Computing services to its customers. Here we have a huge team of skilled personnel to provide monitoring and support services for 24×7 across the world.

As a technology partner with Amazon Web Services, we would like to share some features as well as some useful tips about controlling the AWS billing cost.

What is Cloud Computing?

Integrating computing resources with World Wide Web to provide remote IT Infrastructure facilities is Cloud Computing. It’s an option to replace traditional IT infrastructures with virtual networking for faster job processing and higher productivity at lower costs.

What is AWS?

Amazon is providing similar IT infrastructure services as a web service, popularly known as Amazon Web Services or AWS. Currently it is providing services to millions of businesses in more than 190 countries.
Features that makes AWS unique in public cloud

  • Auto Scaling

Number of Amazon EC2 instances can be scaled dynamically or by user defined schedule to increase or decrease them automatically depending on the demand. You will receive notifications to initiate Auto Scaling actions, or when Auto Scaling completes an action. Auto scaling feature can be used via APIs or Command Line Tools with no additional fees.

  • Amazon Cloud Front and it’s Functionalities

Amazon Cloud Front is a web service to distribute contents to end users at high speed .Here you can store the original version of your files on one or more origin servers and configure them by using URL pattern matches to specify which origin has what contents. You can use distribution’s domain name in your web pages or application so when users request an object using this domain name, they are automatically routed to the nearest location to deliver your contents.

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Manage IAM users and their access- Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers greater security, flexibility, and control when using AWS. IAM enables you to create users in AWS and manage access to AWS services and resources for your users. It also enables you to grant access to users managed outside AWS. You can assign individual security credentials (access keys, password, Authentication devices) or request temporary security credentials to provide users access to AWS services.

Manage IAM roles and their permissions- You can create roles in IAM and manage permissions to grant specific operations to the entities.Manage access for federated users- You can enable identity federation to allow users to access the AWS Management Console, without creating an IAM user for each identity. It is done by requesting temporary security credentials. This temporary security credentials are comprised of short lived access keys and session tokens associated with them. Users can use the access keys the same way as before, but they also have to pass the token . They can further be restricted by specifying explicit permissions while creating them. Any number of temporary security credentials can be issued.

  • IAM provides the following access controls:

Fine-grained access control to your AWS resources: IAM enables you to add specific conditions to control how a user can use AWS, such as time of day, their IP address, by using SSL, or authenticating with a Multi-Factor Authenticationdevice.Identity federation between your enterprise and AWS services: IAM can be used to grant employees, and applications access to AWS Management Console and AWS service APIs, using existing identity systems.

Mobile and browser-based applications: Mobile and browser-based applications can also be enabled to access specific AWS resources using temporary security credentials for a configurable period of time.

Tips to cut down AWS Billing:

  • Use AWS reserved instance for long running projects and spot instances for short term projects.
  • Use AWS private IP for data transfer between instances.
  • Use AWS Rout53 DNS to reduce Elastic IP usages.
  • Use Linux based Instances.
  • AWS recently lunched Glacier which offers $0.01 per GB / month only. Use Glacier for data storage instead of S3 to reduce the price of S3.

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