CakePHP Frameworks Advantages And Disadvantages

Cake Php Frameworks Advantages & Disadvantages
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However, the acute modularity of PHP permits builders to create their personal net frameworks and solutions on the pinnacle of the language.

Some of the most famous PHP frameworks encompass Laravel, Yii PHP Framework, Symfony PHP Framework, and CakePHP.

As of 2012, CakePHP is one of the most popular web frameworks for the development of custom content material control answers and incorporated social networking answers for diverse organizations.

For a large variety of first-rate net applications, Cake PHP development has emerged as the mainstay of developers worldwide.


What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework that uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) method for net utility development.

The framework is especially stimulated via means of the Ruby on Rails idea and has garnered praise for its simplicity in addition to extensibility.

CakePHP has been used notably via means of Fortune 500 software program agencies inclusive of Cisco and Corel Inc.

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In addition to via way of means of different organizations along with anti-virus makers Bit Defender, automobile dealership auto and men’s style magazine Men’s Health.

Benefits of CakePHP Framework

CakePHP offers a plethora of blessings for builders compared to traditional archaic PHP development modules. Some of the maximum important features, advantages, and benefits of CakePHP are:

MVC Pattern

CakePHP lets in for models; with a selected model elegance that can be used to insert, update, delete or examine records from the database.

The view sub-machine handles records rendering at the display screen whilst the controller strategies and reaction to activities in addition to altering records earlier than interacting with the models.

Such a machine lets in for smooth separation of the good judgment of the internet application from the presentation, which makes development faster for massive programs and complex websites.

Object Relational Mapping

CakePHP helps item-relational mapping which improves the manner builders can create internet apps without problems.

Object-relational mapping infers to a programming technique, in particular in item-orientated programming in which every item is mapped to a selected records kind the use of a relational version, and the records kind may be without problems changed to fit the necessities of the developer.


The pleasure of CakePHP development is the minimal attempt spent through the developer withinside the configuration of the machine.

Every sub-listing and its contents in the accessible listing are auto-detected through CakePHP, such as custom scripts.

The developer best has to install the database and its connections to CakePHP, and the framework looks after the rest.


One of the best blessings of present-day programming languages is their extensibility thru modules, libraries, and plug-ins.

This guarantees that for massive quantities of the code, the developer wants not ‘re-invent the wheel’ and write features and training from scratch.

The modular nature of CakePHP lets builders re-use code, with extra modules and components easily incorporated through the framework the use of its auto detection toolkit.

Ajax Support

Modern internet programs frequently want to exchange records among the consumer and the server even whilst the software is running at the browser.

Traditional PHP refreshes the web page every time new records are acquired from the server: a big drawback for growing internet-primarily based totally programs consisting of spreadsheets, phrase processors, and email clients.

AJAX lets in for the asynchronous change of records and has ended up a fashionable exercise for internet builders to create wealthy and immersive web applications.

CakePHP natively helps AJAX and may be utilized in numerous ways, such as forms, events, or even version courting events.


This is a tough and quite incorrect question to consider. So let’s get a hint. Python is a general-motive language. A lot of programmers no longer surely use Python for internet development alone.

With the proper set of frameworks, it may be without troubles implemented for GUI software program development and extra complex subjects.

Tkinter and Kivy may additionally allow you to develop a software program for a molecular or laptop platform. There are also Python libraries that are probably being efficiently used for Big Data Science and Machine Learning.

Offshore development corporations make some crazy subjects with this programming language.

PHP, on the alternative hand, is more often than not associated with internet development. It’s not like you couldn’t make a non-internet software program in PHP. But you wouldn’t.

So in the vicinity of doing a thankless job, we are able to attempt to decide what language is better to use for internet development specifically.

PHP was created in 1995 and because of that, has accumulated a big community spherical itself. Programmers around the world nonetheless grow frameworks to extend the functionality of this language.

PHP has become used withinside the creation of internet webs web sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, and Tumblr. It definitely dominates the internet development market with its share of spherical 80 consistent with cent.

So the question about which one is extra well-known, PHP or Python, for internet development, is already resolved.

Python has become created in 1991. There are an entire lot fewer Python-made websites, however, this language wins in a traffic-per-internet site competition.

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It is utilized in Google services, YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify, and Quora. It is also used hundreds for the capabilities of browser automation, tool learning, internet scraping, statistics assessment, and the Internet of Things.

If you recommend growing a website, you are probably going to pick out amongst the ones two. Both have their benefits and drawbacks in advantageous situations, like in masses of various programming languages.

Both languages are open-deliver and multi-platform. They every moreover have particular documentation and an actively contributing community. But let’s examine how they range from one another.

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