Best Startup Choices With Artificial Intelligence

Best Startup Choices With Artificial Intelligence

Best Startup Choices with Artificial Intelligence

Whether you have a background in technology or not, you have probably came across the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) somewhere or the other.

An instance of a breakthrough in human history is electricity; AI holds a similar importance today.

Every industry in today’s fast-paced world reaps the benefits of AI in a manner that suits them best.

Currently, some sectors are just starting their AI journey while others have already embraced AI.

If you are fascinated by AI and looking for some ideas to work with Artificial Intelligence, then we will talk about some of the trending areas that are creating an impact in this space.

AI is considered ‘the hottest technology’ in the technology world today. The demand for people who can work with AI or have some AI-driven product is increasing every year.


Startup Choices with Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are looking to work for an AI startup or looking to start something of your own, the below ideas are worth brainstorming:

1. Natural Language Processing

If you are one of those who loves to read a lot, play around with texts and build text-based models, then you should consider natural language processing.

There are a lot of things that you can do, and the most popular choice is to create high-level chatbots.

If you want to build a chatbox, the best approach is to look to start with the industry you want to target, let us say finance.

Once you are clear with that, you can create a specific chatbot for that industry.

Natural Language Processing
There are not many players offering chatbots, so you may find several buyers for your product if you can create a useful and unique chatbox.

The best thing is, you can sell the same product to many companies with minor modifications.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning
When AI is discussed, Machine Learning automatically comes into the discussion. If you love working with existing algorithms or like creating new ones, then start building something with machine learning.

You can also explore deep understanding as a subfield. Many people are looking for people with expertise in this area, and if you can deliver quality products, you may continue to get a fair amount of work.

If you have an idea of your own, you can start designing, planning, and deploying machine learning models for your concept and trying to sell it to businesses.

3. Virtual Assistant

Currently, Virtual Assistant interfaces are also in high demand. There are many AI-driven virtual assistants available in the market, but they are not attracting buyers for two reasons – high cost and they do not follow the users’ unique commands.

Most businesses are looking for cheaper AI virtual assistants that can be customized as per their needs. You can start with the basic version of an AI-driven virtual assistant.

As your experience increases, you can add more complex and advanced algorithms to your product.

Widely used instances of virtual assistants include Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

4. IoT and AI

Just like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) is another popular technology in today’s digital world. The combination of both is deadly.

There are a lot of high paying projects that companies are offering in this area. If you are wondering how to combine the two to start with, you can start by creating a self-driving interface based on AI and presenting it to car manufacturing companies.

There are a lot of opportunities in robotics as well. Other exciting options are security, face recognition, surveillance, and fingerprint recognition.

5. Medical and AI

Today, all the research work in medicine and science uses AI, but the usage is minimal and not impactful. You can come up with a medical startup that uses AI to bring more accuracy and precision in predicting the results.

Precision is critical in the field of medicine since we are working with our lives. AI has the capacity to give results with very high accuracy.

If you have an innovative idea and your interest is helping people, you should definitely start something in this area.

6. Computer Vision

The term ‘Computer Vision’ is not very popular but very useful and gaining popularity with time. If you are not sure of what it means – projects with computer vision help you interpret and visualize the surrounding objects and images.

Computer Vision

You can work as a computer vision expert and take up object detection and face recognition projects. The other area which may interest you is gesture and emotion detection.

These are just a few examples; this field gives you opportunities to build very innovative projects.

These are just the top few ideas around AI, and there is much more you can explore. It all depends on your interest area and what you want to do at the end of the day.

Luckily, AI lets you try a lot of things. No matter what your interest area is, you will find something to apply your artificial intelligence knowledge.

Few AI-based corporates that have $100+ funding include Nauto, openAI, DataRobot, Vicarious, Zoox, Grammarly, and more amongst others.

Best Startup Choices with Artificial Intelligence
Article Name
Best Startup Choices with Artificial Intelligence
If you are fascinated by AI and looking for some ideas to work with Artificial Intelligence, then we will talk about some of the trending areas that are creating an impact in this space.
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