7 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Remote IT Developers

7 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Remote IT Developers
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Hiring dedicated remote resources or offshore programmers has become a new normal for Tech businesses.

The web and mobile app development companies have transitioned from an in-house resource hiring to a remote hiring framework. 

According to a Remote Collaborative Worker survey conducted by CoSo Cloud, 77% report greater productivity while 52% are less likely to take time off.

This means that remote workers can work with greater efficiency off-site. 

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Although an in-house team consists of Mobile Application Developers, Web Designers, Quality Analysts, etc, the downside is that you may not have the requirement of all the remote resources once your project is live. 

Research also suggests that 40% of project development costs can be curbed with an external dedicated resources model.

Hire Dedicated Remote Resources


Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Team

1. Flexibility

With digital communication and collaboration tools available, technological drivers have helped businesses and remote workers. Email is the most used at 88% and 32% of them use Skype as a medium of communication. 

According to Buffer, 32% of respondents believe that a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit of remote working. With this in mind, businesses have given prime importance to hiring remote resources.

Flexibile Working

Additionally, 80% of people believe that that they would be more loyal if the employer allowed flexible working. 

2. Time-saving

The Dedicated Resources Model saves your time especially when there is a time constraint of starting a new project. Businesses save ample amounts of time on training, hiring formalities, and everyday stand-up meetings. 

3. Cost-saving

Cutting off avoidable expenses is the key objective of hiring dedicated remote resources. Costs on hiring, training, and retailing procedures. 

Cost Cutting

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 6 out of 10 employers identify cost savings as a notable benefit of remote work.

Companies like IBM and McKesson are living examples that saved $50 million and $2 million per year in real estate costs.

4. Complete Control

With a dedicated remote resource, there will reduce issues on resource availability. Professionals will be available round-the-clock for better communication.

They will be reliable post-deployment support to understand your business urgencies too. 

5. Improved Infrastructure

When you hire dedicated programmers, be sure of getting an improved project infrastructure. You won’t regret your decision if it’s planned and implemented right from the beginning. 

6. Cross-team Complexities

Hiring dedicated remote resources reduce the complexity of cross-team communication and coordination.

A mobile developer can complete the work of another person who could be on off-hours for a specific module. In essence, no complexity or confusion takes place when two people are working at two different times. 

7. Privacy Protected

An NDA agreement refrains dedicated remote developers from working with a similar software vertical. When you hire dedicated developers, the NDA signed ensures of privacy of your software product. 

Hiring Mobile and Web Developers

Web & Mobile App Development projects require and hire developers with greater capacity to handle the pressures of changing project demands. 

For example, to get develop an iOS app, it’s always sensible to hire a dedicated developer who understands the importance of deadlines and optimal quality. 

When you hire Mobile application developers, communicate directly on an update on the ongoing progress of your project. 

A web application developer on the other hand understands your product and design needs. It’s apt to hire dedicated resources for your project that offers tangible benefits, contributing to top-level organizational goals.

Business giants that hire Dedicated Remote Resources

Research indicates that 70% of workers worldwide work remotely at least one day per week. With this, let’s see what some of the business magnets have to say about working remotely. 

1. Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced hiring more remote workers post-pandemic. With this, he also mentioned moving half of Facebook’s operations remotely in a span of 5-10 years.

2. Shopify

Popular eCommerce giant, Shopify announced that offices would remain closed in 2021. “Office centricity is over,” tweeted Tobi Lutke, the Shopify, CEO. Being a ‘digital by default’ company, Shopify wanted to rework this new normal with its employees. 

3. Hubspot

In one of the interviews, Hubspot mentioned that his team has already started working in a remote environment.  He also added that the remote working set-up has worked to an advantage for the company’s teams.

4. Twitter

Micro-blogging platform Twitter announced that it will let employees operate from home on a permanent basis. 

5. Coinbase

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange platform announced adopting a “remote-first” policy. 

Steps to hire Dedicated Remote Resources

1. Define your Objective

Resource planning and budget go hand-in-hand when finalizing an objective. 

The more specific a project, the clearer it becomes to hire the right talent. Segment a goal with consideration to your budget capability and what you see your goal being achieved with lesser hassles. 

I’ve worked with the team at AndolaSoft on multiple websites. They are professional, responsive, & easy to work with. I’ve had great experiences & would recommend their services to anyone.

Ruthie Miller, Sr. Mktg. Specialist

Salesforce, Houston, Texas



2. Decide your Requirements

Deciding on your requirements depends on a few questions. This can be largely based on your budget, time, and talent you’re hunting for—

  • What type of developers would you require?
  • How much time will a project require?
  • What technology developer do you need?
  • Will the resource match your budget and the quality you expect?

3. Fill up the Expertise Lack

Check up with your in-house team about the expertise your team lacks. 

Analyze the already existing skills in the in-house teams.

Identify loopholes in the projects your team faces:

4. Checking the Developer Portfolio

Take a portfolio glimpse into understanding the creativity and analytical skills of a developer. Reach out to developers who have worked on a live project recently. 

The final output of a resource says a lot about how your product will look like. 

5. Reviews, Budget, and Expertise

Contact companies to hire remote developers. Examine their evaluations, portfolio samples, budget, competence, and parallels between your project and one they’ve completed previously.

6. The Engagement Model

Engagement Model

A dedicated resource model is a form of a business engagement model that clients prefer when they need a skilled IT team to develop a website, mobile app, or software. Its cost-effectiveness and time management plays a crucial role here. It allows a company to choose the type of talent it requires and manage them in the way it sees fit.

Wrapping up

A dedicated resource model can prove a game-changer as it’s very flexible. It provides a certain degree of autonomy with modern standards while handling client changes. This is a necessity to maintain remote working cultures. 

To wrap it up, with well-managed and transparency in contracts, software budget control, clients can manage costs quite seamlessly with the dedicated remote resource model. 

With the rise of flexible work practices, it’s needless to say that dedicated remote hiring is here to stay. 

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