7 Apps for Boosting Productivity at Workplace

7 Apps for Boosting Productivity at Workplace


It is obvious that, for a successful industry, be it business owners, managers and executives everybody want to get the most from their team. However, but it depends how you manage your time. This post will walk you through top 7 apps to help you increase the productivity at your workplace.

Why Mobile Productivity Apps?
Since our smartphones and tablets are with us at all times, make your experience more productive by checking out these 7 apps. They’ll assist to keep you on track and help to get more done.


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The app makes it easy to start and schedule conference calls on the go. Create instant calls with a click and schedule calls by simply selecting contacts and choosing a meeting time.

Available on: Android | iOS

Source: Comparakeet


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These days there’s a messenger built into almost every social media platform, resulting in a constant stream of notifications. Quiet the chaos with Snowball, which allows you to manage accounts, browse messages and dismiss the junk in one inbox. Translation: No more having to toggle between email, Snapchat and Facebook messenger to send three messages, eating up your time and battery power. Oh, and if you happen to be in another app—say, Spotify—the Snowball icon automatically appears so you can access that stream of messages in one (not five) click. Phew!

Available on: Android
Sources: Fitness Magazine , Business Insider


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HelloSign provides users with a method of delivering files that need to be signed. These documents can be retrieved from your own computer system or accessed online through various services. These locations include: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com, Evernote and SkyDrive. Once your document is added, you can then assign the roles of the people who need to sign such as “Manager” or “Client.”

Available on: iOS | Android
Source: Blinklist


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When you hit up one of those oh-so-important networking events, remembering the names of everyone you meet can be so hard. Download Humin and you no longer have to. Simply add their email and a quick note like “works at Starbucks.” Next time you need to touch base, all you need to type is “works at Starbucks”—because let’s be honest, that’s the part we’re more likely to remember—and Humin knows exactly who you’re talking about. Oh, and while you move on to your next conversation, the app fills in other important information about the person, like a photo (for those who are good at remembering faces) and updated info on their public social profiles.

Available on: iOS
Source: Fitness Magazine


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Let’s set the scene: You’re furiously typing a quick text or email to your hubby, BFF or co-worker…and hitting the backspace button to fix auto-correct on every other word. Save yourself the time—and frustration—with SwiftKey. This “smart” keyboard adapts to the way you type over time, learning your writing style to ensure more accurate messages (no more embarrassing auto-correct fails). Its swipe technology allows you to graze your fingers over letters for quicker-than-ever communication. And if you’re worried about pocket-texting someone, simply switch off the keyboard to avoid any and all jumbled messages.

Available on: iOS | Android
Sources: Fitness Magazine

Orangescrum is an agile, cloud based project management and collaboration software with multiple features like Kanban view, Daily email catch-up, Drive and Dropbox integration, conversation thread, ticketing system, allows full visibility and control over your projects for Smooth running of a project. Checkout at Orangescrum Cloud | Orangescrum Open-source.

Sweet Journey

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‘Sweet Journey’ is your personal diary on the go. Use it as a journal or photo album to keep your souvenirs safe and cherish your sweet moments. Save memorable videos, photos and notes, all in one app. Tag your snaps, videos and notes to browse and search your memorable events.

Available on: iOS | Android
Incredible Apps to stay productive…every day.
Have another app that you think belongs on this list? Share your favorites by leaving a comment below! We would include that in our next review.

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