6 Ways to improve business sales e-commerce Virtual Assistant

Here we are going to discuss the ways to improve your Business sales conversion with help of an eCommerce virtual assistant.


Customer Support:

The customer is the most important part of the e-commerce store. The business depends on customer services and reviews of products.

An e-commerce virtual assistant can be a medium of interaction or support to the clients. The virtual assistant can be the medium of contact with your customers using phones, chats, or emails. It can make sure to keep the consumers updated and resolve their queries.

Few things where a professional virtual assistant service can help:

  • Respond to buyer’s queries
  • Handle complaints and take actions
  • Figuring out the opportunities for business growth
  • Being in contact with the customers
  • Take review from customers

These are some mandatory tasks that a virtual assistant services company can handle and manage for business sales.

Website Management

Making an e-commerce store is never enough. Professional Management of the online store is essential for growth. Few services that a virtual assistant services company might provide and what they can accomplish for your online e-commerce store:

  • Update the charges data on your products
  • Update the content of your services
  • Add or remove products from your store as per requirement
  • Take care of broken links on the website
  • Keep your e-commerce store updated
  • Update the descriptions on the website regularly
  • Take care that the page loads don’t take much time
  • Deal with the server issues to make sure that the customer doesn’t have a bad experience while looking for products
  • Images and data should be regularly updated and user-friendly

Virtual personal assistant services will make you easy to handle all these tasks and focus on your idea of growth for the business.


Knowing all about SEO is all that’s needed to increase the productivity of your store. Search Engine Optimization is another basic part of an e-commerce store that requires sufficient time and consideration.

The e-commerce business should concentrate on making SEO-rich content, picking the correct keywords that are just the beginning.

When you have a virtual assistant who has SEO data, you make your e-commerce store more effective to achieve your goals, and you’ll wind up with more traffic on your online store. In addition, it will be more focused on traffic which is more valuable to your business.

A top virtual assistant service would be a great add-on for these functionalities:

  • A smart virtual assistant can create blogs, articles or videos to bring sales
  • A social media platform handler would be a great assistance for you, where the customers are regularly contacted
  • Your own assistant can schedule posts and blogs on your online store
  • Interacting with your consumers regularly
  • Creating communities on social media platforms to promote your e-commerce store
  • Keeping a track of reviews and influencing posts on your websites
  • Finding various ways to interact and bring more traffic to your e-commerce store

Each one of these requires a great amount of time as well as information about them and professional knowledge.

Fortunately, an eCommerce Development company helps you manage such mundane tasks easily.

Schedule Appointments

People hire assistants to schedule and keep a note of their meetings. This is a time-consuming task and consumes efforts. The virtual assistant is an escape to such complex activities. The top virtual assistant services can schedule, cancel, and update you with every appointment.

Handle Order and Shipping Process

What a negative impression it would be if you were not able to provide the correct order or the shipment is done incorrectly?

Here’s where a professional virtual assistant service can help you handle all the activities of order and shipment of items. Some of the tasks that a virtual assistant can take care of:

  • Compile the orders
  • Keep the track of orders
  • Maintain a record for each order
  • Sending required invoices to the customers
  • Communicating with the seller for product, order and shipping details
  • Manage and update the database regularly

Keeping an updated store helps the customers to reach out to you easily.

Manage Marketing and Promotions

Digital marketing is based on new technologies and online platforms. In a perfect world, you appoint an experienced virtual assistant for your business who has all the knowledge about digital marketing strategies.

There is a particular territory of advertising that your virtual assistant may be happy to assist you with. While doing promotions and giving deals to the customers you need to take care of:

Email Marketing

The assistant must be skilled in emails and draft them in a manner that it doesn’t go to the spam folder of the customers. A regular newsletter that can engage your customers. The emails should interactive and user-friendly that the customers have to reach your e-commerce store.

Virtual Assistants can add marketing contents and important task in the mails. They can even schedule your emails and keep updating customers about the latest deals.

Content Marketing

The digital content on your business platform is the first impression and creates your brand image. It should be engaging and display the desired results.

The virtual assistant has a sales-oriented skill and can draft regular blogs, newsletters, and emails. They can keep in mind the important keywords that can bring more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Social Media

As of today, we have so many social media platforms to engage with our end-users. It would be a hefty task to take action on different platforms. But with the virtual assistant at your service, this can be managed easily.

It can regularly post about the latest updates, deals, promotions, newly added products, and many more.

This provides easy access to your platform through the various social media platform. Virtual personal assistant services can revert back to your comments and messages.

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Need a guide to hiring an e-commerce virtual assistant?

Before searching for a virtual assistant for small business and professional, you need to know the advantages of an e-commerce virtual assistant.

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