5 Exclusive Growth Hacking Tips to Grow Your Business

5 Exclusive Growth Hacking Tips to Grow Your Business

5 Exclusive Growth Hacking Tips to Grow Your Business

Starting a new business is always an important venture for every entrepreneur, and making it successful is the most challenging object for them.

So, you need a flawless and unique strategy to build a successful business. And it is quite likely that you need a roadmap to improve your business sale.

However, increasing the product or business sales ensures your business costs and a move towards profitability.

In fact, there are many ways that can help to boost your business growth.

And implementing the proven ideas allow you to reduce unwanted expenditure, enhance productivity, and expand your business connectivity; all of which can together increase the likelihood of more sales.

Let’s consider a real-life situation here-

You have an awesome startup idea and you’re quite confident that it will work.

Or perhaps you’ve launched your small business. Now you are searching for some effective ways to grow.

Both the scenario offers a host of challenges. The study says, 90% of small business startups eventually fail.

But with some outstanding growth hacking tips, you can count your business is a part of that remaining 10% that succeed.

Building and running a small business can be a monumental challenge.

But if you stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and figure out growth hacking tips, your chances of survival are much higher.

Here, I uncover the simple yet amazing growth hacking tips and techniques for 2019. Utilize them wisely and you will be a true performer.


Business Growth Hacking Tips:

1. Automate As Much As Possible:

Implementing software that automates manually is one of the most important steps you should take to ensure your business maintains high levels of productivity.

List your needs and decide which type of software would be beneficial for your business. There are loads of software solutions available in the market.

However, particularly these two are must-haves for your business:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management or CRM is a tool, strategy, or process that helps businesses to better organize and access customer data. You can adopt an all-in-one CRM that includes sales and marketing automation on the same platform.

Managing multiple projects at the same time has become a big mess for all most every organization. But those who are using project management software are away from the race.

So along with CRM, if you are using project management software, then you are getting an extra bonus.

It will help to manage your time, task, and other resources effortlessly.

Small businesses are vigorously selecting this option as it saves time, reduces technology costs, and improves collaboration.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions streamline processes, increase brand awareness, automate tasks, and attract leads easily.

With built-in features like email marketing, lead generation web forms, landing page builders, and more it becomes an essential marketing growth hack idea.

2. Proper Training on the Software you Use:

When you invest in tools to automate tasks and streamline operations, it’s mandatory to fully train your employees to leverage the software effectively.

High-quality software provides a free trial and demo during adoption. So that your team can learn the use of new tool completely.

Hence, they can be comfortable to leverage those tools to the fullest.

3. Reach Customers:

There are various cloud-based technologies that help small businesses to grow more efficiently by creating leads and reaching customers.

Affordable tools do exist to manage contacts, pipeline, opportunities, and accounts.

Advanced software also includes marketing apps to create more revenue-generating email campaigns.

Many of these tools provide insights report which would help to send the right message to target audiences.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can be used to promote products and services.

4. Constantly Measure Your Results:

Measurement of your efforts has become the most important growth hacking tip, especially when you are at the initial stage of launching your business.

With CRM and marketing automation tools, you can access CRM reporting and metrics that can help you in guiding your decision-making process.

By monitoring your sales pipeline; you can measure the effectiveness, gain advanced revenue estimates of your marketing campaigns, and many more.

The analytics and metrics offered by these software solutions provide a clear idea and insight to make more informed decisions to grow your business.

5. Prioritize The Customer Experience:

There are some questions from eBusiness Guru, “Relationships are important, and the most important one is the relationship between you and your customers. Are you forming a relationship with your customers, or you are just selling to them?

Looking at your customer “needs and experiences” should be the first priority if you’re expecting a successful business.

Customers from the backbone to your business and your business keeps going.

Creating more customer loyalties will build more chances of better ROI. Positive customer experience is vital to business growth and success.

Wrapping Words:

Trying to grow your business or launching a startup- is a challenge. A lot of risks are involved.

But it is not at all impossible to be a part of those 10% successful startups.

If you follow the growth hacking tips explained above, you can see your business succeeding for sure. Embrace these best tactics and stand yourself in a better position.

Want to know more about growth hacking tips? Let’s Discuss!

Jayadev Das

Do what you do best in – that’s what I’ve always believed in and that’s what I preach. Over the past 25+ years (yup that’s my expertise ‘n’ experience in the Information Technology domain), I’ve been consulting to small, medium and large companies ‘bout Web Technologies, Mobile Future as well as on the good-and-bad of tech. Blogger, International Business Advisor, Web Technology Expert, Sales Guru, Startup Mentor, Insurance Sales Portal Expert & a Tennis Player. And top of all – a complete family man!

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