How Much does an App Like Paytm Cost?

Key Features of Paytm Web & Mobile App (for Users):

Key Features of Paytm Web App (for Admin):

If you are planning for something close to Paytm, you need to focus on the wallet feature to start with… and take it from there. Paytm did the same too :

App Design: Most important thing is that a wallet app needs to be crisp & to-the-point. If people get lost/confused using your app, they aren’t going to trust you with their money.

App Platform (Android, iPhone): App development cost varies from platform to platform. And if you're targeting a local/semi-urban/rural market, we'd suggest you to start with an Android app first.

App size: If you're targeting a market where your users have a fair idea about the competition, app size becomes really important. A heavier app may result in your users shifting to a direct competitor. Always try to keep things as light as possible, to have an upper hand. Nobody likes his phone memory to be full:

Want Us to Make a Digital Wallet Ecosystem for You?

Andolasoft, a global web & mobile apps development company based out of San Jose, CA, USA with an offshore centre in India can help you develop a Paytm look-alike app that could give you a distinction in the market.

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