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QA Services

We specialize in testing of applications developed in variety of web-technologies. Our quality assurance services include manual testing as well as automation testing. We offer our QA services not just for projects done by us but also for projects done by you or your vendors.

Is your site vulnerable to Security Threat?

Type of Testing We Do

Security Testing

Security Testing

A SQL injection attack is nothing but insertion or “injection” of a SQL query as input data to the application. It is highly vulnerable to exploit sensitive data, modify/delete data or even shutting down the Database.
Front-end performance Testing

Front-end performance Testing

Today, web user turnaround starts from more than 2 to 3 seconds of response time. This demands performance optimization on all application levels. Client side resources contributes on response time more than back-end.
Back-end Performance Testing

Back-end Performance Testing

Back-end performance plays a more pivotal role in overall user experience. The truth is, back-end performance is especially crucial because it deals in the world of exponents.If any back-end factor becomes a bottleneck, you will see an exponential slowdown in performance
Cross-browser Testing

Cross-browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing is a process to test web applications across multiple browsers. Cross browser testing involves checking compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers and ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers.
RoR Specific Testing

RoR Specific Testing

Rails makes it super easy to write your tests. It starts by producing skeleton test code while you are creating your models and controllers.By simply running your Rails tests, you can ensure your code adheres to the desired functionality even after some major code refactoring.
Testing of best practices in Code

Testing of best practices in Code

Code-based testing that is carried out on code development, code examination, unit testing in software or application development process. It has three major test attributes; dynamic testing, checking for complexity of code and static testing which covers code audit and review.

Who Can be Our QA Prospective?

  • Product Development Companies.
  • Marketing Companies.
  • Companies having e-commerce site.
  • Any type of Web Application.
  • Mobile Applications development companies (using enterprise-class platform).

Web and mobile app development company QA Services
Automation QA

Automation Tools We Use?

  • For Automation Testing: Selenium.
  • For Load Testing: Load UI & Browsermob.
  • For Security Testing: Accunetix, N-stalker, Nsparker & Websecurify.
  • For UI Testing: Browserlab & IE tester.
  • We also do CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Radiant & DotNetNuke etc.) integration testing.

Why Us?

  • Our QA engineers are having 5-10 years of experience.
  • We use all major automation tools.
  • We have excellent subject matter expertise.
  • We are passionate about finding bugs in application.
  • We produce video of QA work done and upload into bug tracking tool.

Why QA Services


Bug-tracking Tools We Use?


We use Bug-Tracking system to provide a clear centralized overview of development requests (including both bugs and improvements) One of the most Easiest Bug Tracking App in Cloud. Enterprise solution for capturing, managing and communicating feature requests, bug reports, changes and app issues from beginning to end with a fully customizable and convenient workflow.

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