How We Work


Submit Project Details

First we will go through your project and its requirement. For new customers, we provide free two hour estimation based on their provided specifications. Nevertheless, we will sign a NDA, in case you require.

Sign Contract

If our estimation goes well with you, we’ll handover a contract with which you can reserve software developers for your project. The contract allows you to secure a developer or a group for a certain hours over a date range. For a case, 100 hours over 2 months.

You can deliver the filled up contract via email as long as it can be scanned like an image along with your signature.

Once we get back the duly filled contract, we will return it to you and proper introductions will be carried on.


From Specs to a Plan

If Andolasoft’s project manager was contracted by you, then your presence is required for your inputs and project related queries. The rest will be handled by us. If for any reason you want to project manage yourself, there are some critical information below to save you money and handle the programmers assigned to you in a productive way.

You should be aware of the end result. Your great plan will be acknowledged by programmers to carry out the work. You will be provided with collaborative tools for easy communication. By this you can record your plan and track the project’s progress and billable hours.

Define Your Process

For the matter, if you choose Andolasoft’s Project Manager, this part will be taken care of on its own.

Some amounts of processes are required by every team to be productive and happy.


Start Work

Now that your programmers know what to do, you can relax and enjoy journey. You just have to rev up the communication flow and organize your product backlog.

Pay Twice Monthly

An invoice will be delivered to you every month for work done before two weeks. The billing will be only for hours worked. The payment can be done through Paypal or credit card.

With this, familiarization of how work is carried out at Andolasoft is concluded. For more information, please call or Contact us.