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How Much does an App Like Paytm Cost?

Key Features of Paytm Web & Mobile App (for Users):

Key Features of Paytm Web App (for Admin):

If you are planning for something close to Paytm, you need to focus on the wallet feature to start with… and take it from there. Paytm did the same too :

App Design: Most important thing is that a wallet app needs to be crisp & to-the-point. If people get lost/confused using your app, they aren’t going to trust you with their money.

App Platform (Android, iPhone): App development cost varies from platform to platform. And if you're targeting a local/semi-urban/rural market, we'd suggest you to start with an Android app first.

App size: If you're targeting a market where your users have a fair idea about the competition, app size becomes really important. A heavier app may result in your users shifting to a direct competitor. Always try to keep things as light as possible, to have an upper hand. Nobody likes his phone memory to be full:

Timeline (Tentative):

Native App Development:

The above estimation stands true, when there's only one resource involved. If the entire project is undertaken simultaneously by one of our experienced teams… the total timeline would come somewhere between 20 - 24 weeks.

Please note that payments/wallet regulations may vary from country to country. We suggest you to make sure you have all the necessary permissions before releasing the app. It will save you lot of time :) We will simply be your technical development partner. We will not take any responsibility in getting a permission for you to operate the wallet app.

Want Us to Make a Digital Wallet Ecosystem for You?

Andolasoft, a global web & mobile apps development company based out of San Jose, CA, USA with an offshore centre in India can help you develop a Paytm look-alike app that could give you a distinction in the market.


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