Time and Material

Why Choose Time & Material!

One of the biggest benefits of this model is task prioritizing. Each project can be divided into several tasks (features, used cases, tests, plugin dev. etc.). A Time & Materials project is billed based on the number of hours worked, nothing less or nothing more is billed. Highly suitable for projects when the in the situation that the requirement is not certain or might change. The hourly rate is fixed based on the project prospective based on forecasting the project outcome. One more important thing is that client can prioritize the order of features depending on their price and importance to the product solution and implementation.

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What is ‘Time & Material’?

  • T&M contract is suitable when project’s scope and specification cannot be defined from the beginning but the requirements keep on changing as the development progresses.
  • The total project cost is determined by the amount of time and resources utilized by us thereby constituting the total effort towards the development.
  • Under the T&M option we provide skilled resources and the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on a mutually agreed hourly rate.

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