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Our Engagement Models

At Andolasoft, we believe that every project is unique and should be dealt with a fresh approach. We have defined each framework with one sincere belief that an engagement model is what that defines collaboration between a client and the solution provider. We make sure that your project takes off well and the landing is smooth. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is ‘Dedicated Developer(s)’?

  • With this contract you can hire single/group of our skilled developers who work just for your project dedicatedly.
  • Each team members are picked according to your requirements and thus we provide the best cost effective solution for the project.
  • We make sure that each of the developers work for minimum 168 hours a month.
  • Best part of this package is you get direct access to developer through skype, email & phone.
  • The invoice cycle is monthly.

Web and mobile app development engagement Model
Web and mobile app development fixed bid model Model

What is ‘Fixed-bid’?

  • A fixed bid contract is viable for projects those are well-defined requirements with each module and tasks are clearly outlined.
  • In order to begin the development we need relevant wireframe/mockups.
  • More importantly, the requirement spec is absolutely frozen until the development is complete.
  • We do a detailed study and provide estimate along with delivery schedule with a mutually agreed fixed price for the complete execution.
  • We charge 50% up-front payment.

What is ‘Time & Material’?

  • T&M contract is suitable when project’s scope and specification cannot be defined from the beginning but the requirements keep on changing as the development progresses.
  • The total project cost is determined by the amount of time and resources utilized by us thereby constituting the total effort towards the development.
  • Under the T&M option we provide skilled resources and the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on a mutually agreed hourly rate.

Web and mobile app development time and material Model


Andolasoft’s innovative engagement model’s for your Business.

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